Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Teresa 6 - Cancer 0



Slept past my usual time this morning. That made for a semi-rushed getting ready for today's chemo.

What we would say to Cancer if we could...

What we say to one another....

I took my 7 pills and then went up to get my foot ready to stay dry during the shower. The plastic wrap variation is a lot better than the bag around the foot.
One sexy foot wrapped in saran wrap to keep that toe dry.

At 7:55 it was time for Peter to drive Eric to school and then drive me to the hospital. After dropping Eric off at school it was time to be stuck in the morning traffic. Does not make me in a good mood. It took over 40 minutes to get there. I wanted to do chemo by myself today so I could sleep and just listen to music. It also gave Peter the opportunity to do some more clearing out of closets and cabinets in anticipation of the movers.

I had a last minute appointment for a medical pedicure.  (nothing at all like a pedicure in the USA). Because of the risk for infection, I didn't dare cut my own nails. We all know what happened the last time I did that. Lena was great to talk with and she was careful with my toes and made sure they were cut the right way. She even put a new bandage on my toe. I did glance at it a few times.  She and all the others that have looked at it always say it looks good. so, that is a relief. I was done with my pedicure in time for my 10 am chemo appointment.

After the Swedish pedicure for cancer patients
It was a bit melancholy to have it be the last time and I am nervous about whether it will be enough. Now I just have to take care of my body and let the medicine do its work. Today's nurse was not as smooth as some of the others that have taken care of me. It was the quickest chemo treatment- done in 4 hours for all those fun drugs. Nurse Anna came in and checked on me a few times during the treatment.

Last time getting the red devil!!!!!
Of course, I left my bag of cookies in the back seat of the car. But luckily, Peter came to pick me up  with Eric and brought them with him. When I presented them to today's nurse she exclaimed "oh, it's you that has been baking these cookies, I have tasted them lots of times, they are good" Then Anna came in with her coffee up in her hand at just the right time. Everyone was happy. I think they will be sad to see me go.

On the way out of the hospital, I went past Lena's office and knocked on the door. "Cookie delivery". The happy expression on her face was worth it!!  I really do like making others happy.

Home again and I ate a pizza and then tried to rest for two hours but I wasn't tired enough. So, I chatted with a few friends and just tried to sleep. Then it was time for dinner. Peter made our favorite meal and then I watched a little tv before writing today's blog post.

Playing the Pharell Williams "Happy Song" on Spotify. Having it on repeat makes my feet start tapping. A good beat.

I am so disconnected to the preparing for the move. The movers come in the morning. I am not stressed about it. I probably will be tomorrow morning, but now I am going to go to sleep and let the chemo drugs do their thing.

Thanks to all that send me messages in all the different ways through out the day. I was too tired to respond to all of them today but they really warm my heart. THANKS.




  1. Anonymous29/5/14

    Teresa, with all you are going through, we are constantly in awe of how you are managing everything. On the stress level, the move would be right up there, however, the treatments for you & the new life regime for Eric escalate that level beyond anything bordering on normal stress. We are pleased that you have finished the chemo and the movers should be there soon. One less stress with which to deal! Fingers crossed for your trip to the States! Wishing you all the very best. Deb & Graham

    1. Hi Graham and Deb, yes, the stress level is huge, but I have survived the movers and it will be exciting to see what we actually packed in the van when we get to London. HUGS, HUGS HUGS

  2. When I'm writing this the movers have swooshed in and out again. I hope everything has gone well and you have been able to exhale, another box ticked. I say YAY for the last chemo!! Breathe and rejoice. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hej Eila, Yes, happy the last chemo is over and the movers have come and gone. BREATHING.........

  3. Anonymous31/5/14

    Hoppas det går bra med flyttningen du starka kvinna!