Monday, May 26, 2014

decisions, decisions, decisions


Well, my chemo brain is in full force. Today is one of the last two days we have to get everything ready for the movers coming on Thursday morning, the day after chemo #6.

In my usual life, I like to make decisions and get pleasure from getting things done. It is a sense of achievement.

Now in my cancer life, it is harder and more time consuming to make a decision. It drains my energy.

So all day I have flitted between the different rooms of the house, storage unit and garage and tried to make decisions about which stuff should follow us to London, which to send to the summer house and which to the dump or to give to charity.

I do not have peace of mind for too long in each room. Many of the rooms are only 90% done and the last 10% is frustrating me. I do not have the usual eagle eye perspective of the big picture clear in my head and this is leading to stress. The stress is there but I have developed a "who cares" attitude about most things so it is not as bad as it feels.

The most important thing is not to send any important papers or passports in the container to London. Really everything else will work out. (I keep saying this to make sure I believe it)

So tomorrow will be a doctor visit in the morning and then the final decisions. Wednesday will be chemo #6 and I need to be ready for that and prepared to rest when I get home.

Many people have expressed an interest to help, but with my chemo brain and what is left to do it makes it hard to delegate. I am looking forward to next week when maybe I will have some free time........(hahhahaha)

Time for some last minute sales of furniture that we don't want to take with us. I have posted on a facebook group that has merited numerous responses in just 20 minutes. Pretty good. Happy if these furniture pieces get sold to good homes.



  1. Anonymous26/5/14

    Du är som Irre säger bara bäst! Hoppas morgondagen och doktorns utlåtande blir bra.
    Stora energiboostade kramar till dig/Ulla

  2. Anonymous27/5/14

    So, seriously, please try to let it go now. I won't break into song or anything, but these next two days and beyond are going to have to come with lots of rest and naps. I hope you aren't too tired, as I've personally witnessed all the things you are trying to get finished. Hang in there through the next two days. We miss you guys already, and the girls and Mike can't wait to make some new memories in Florida, so we're all hopeful that you'll finish chemo this week and get great news on the 19th of June. We know that it is what it is, and we know you'd like nothing more than that as well, so just know we're pulling for you. Love, Nick

    1. HUGS TO ALL OF YOU. (I would like to see you break out into song.......)

  3. Ah well, furniture is just furniture and can be bought anew should something have been dumped or sold by mistake. What matters the most Teresa, is YOU. Nothing but your health matters because it cannot be bought. It's the most precious thing we have and all of your energy and being has to be focused on one single thing - getting well. So I'm chiming in with Nick. Today's doctor visit is a good one. Tomorrow's chemo will squash the rest of what is left of the uggly buggers and then 19 June is a good, good day of happy news! Sending you lots of energy packed in with my hugs. You go girl!! xxxx

  4. Erika Arenborn27/5/14

    Teresa, keeping my fingers crossed for today's doctor's visit and will be thinking of you tomorrow when you kick ass with round no 6!
    And after this busy week I really hope you will be able to relax and take care of yourself so that you boost some energy to your trip on June 19th! You go girl! Kram!

    1. Hej Erika, Thanks for the kind words. HUGS