Wednesday, May 21, 2014




Awoke early after being up numerous times during the night to check Eric's blood sugar levels. I took my shot out of the fridge and taped my foot up in a plastic bag so I could shower.

I was really tired yesterday but woke up feeling a little better but still tired. I drove the kids to school and station and then came home and slept for 40 minutes before our next appointment. We left the house and picked up Eric at school so we could make it to his doctor's appointment at the diabetes center. It was a fruitful morning and the nurses and doctors really took their time to explain everything to us again to make sure we really knew it. It took an hour and a half for that appointment.

We left the hospital and sat in a bit of traffic on our way to the Vasa Musuem. We parked and entered the large hall to the sight of the majestic ship. It was fun to see it again for me. It was also fun to see it through Jackson and Nicole's eyes.

During our visit their, Peter called to tell me the movers can't come on Monday and Tuesday but on Tuesday and Wednesday. OK - THAT IS NOT GOING TO WORK FOR ME. I was annoyed and irritated but said that Wednesday is a no-go for the movers as I have chemo #6. So it would have to be two consecutive days and they needed to figure it out.

We went and did some grocery shopping on the way home so we would have food in the house. My energy levels were low and we needed to make this a quick in and out trip- easier said than done with two 10 year olds exploring the store with us.

We managed and made it home to make some dinner. Right before dinner- Sophie decides to puke on the nice carpet we have. Yea- one more thing to complicate life. Nicole cleaned up the puke but the carpet will never be the same. It also means that she is not feeling well and we have to be careful in her feeding routine.

During dinner I get a message that my friend Nikki has gotten her toes tattooed. What? I couldn't believe it. Her big toenails had been gone for a while and the nail didn't grow back. So a tattoo would mean permanent nail polish color would make those toes look good. She went in for just a consultation and came out with two new big toes. That is BRAVE.  She was practicing for when we get our tattoos after my treatment is done.

After dinner I got a visit from Lorraine who had lived in Stockholm before and was here for a quick visit. It was great to spend some time with her. Thanks Lorraine for stopping by!!!!!!

Sleep finally came around midnight after all the blood checking and dog walking stuff.

If .......I stopped making plans and just lived each day at a time.....would there be less stress...???



  1. Anonymous22/5/14

    Solen skiner och jag vill skicka en kompiskram till dig!
    Kramen innehåller: kärlek, styrka, mod o skratt!
    Always your friend, Petra <3

  2. Anonymous22/5/14

    The definition of "life" is "What happens when you're busy making plans". So the answer to your question is "no". I would say don't sweat the small stuff & it's all small stuff. (I think you already know this). Joni

  3. Tattoos! Now that's brave! Think I'd faint at the sight of the needle eeww! How is Sophie doing? Know all about ruined carpets but that's kind if collateral damage with fur babies in the house. No expensive carpets at our place ha ha! Cheers!