Wednesday, May 14, 2014



Checking blood sugar levels in the middle of the night does not make for a good nights sleep. Eric slept in our bed last night so we didn't have to worry about how he was doing. Got up today and chatted on FB even though I was exhausted. Sent the older boys off to school.

We were at the hospital early enough to deliver all the different cookie packages I had made. Each department was overjoyed as they received our thanks and gratitude along with the cookies. The intensive care unit noticed what a difference for Eric in just a week.

Then it was time for a quick session of carbohydrate counting with the dietist. Halfway through the session, it was time for me to head over to my chemo session at the other end of the hospital.

At 11 am a new nurse called my name in the waiting room. I followed after her and she set me up. But, probably because I missed chemo last week, there was a partial blockage in my central line. This meant that it took them about an hour to get it unblocked. I wasn't surprised with the week we have been having. It ended up working out quite well once they cleared the blockage. The first half of chemo I had a visit from Charlotte and Bea. Excellent company. Thanks Charlotte and Bea.

I finished up my chemo at 4:30 and Eric and Peter were there to pick me up. Only one more time left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I leave the hospital and walk to the car I need to hold on to Peter. I feel not dizzy but unstable considering all the liquid they have pumped into me. My eyes are also very tired, sandy and dried out. It makes me really tired. I also discovered my first canker sore on my tongue. I had read about these as side effects of chemo but had hoped to skip them. I hope it doesn't become too painful or that I get more.

Tonight is my do nothing night just because my strength is gone.



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  2. Anonymous14/5/14

    Kram till dig beundransvärda Teresa!
    /Kicki CM

  3. Anonymous14/5/14

    It is wonderful that you have such a great support system. We continue to keep you & Eric in our prayers. Jim & Joni

  4. Good morning and welcome to this sunny Thursday morning! He he! you sure are a ninja! :) a Wonder Woman with super powers! BUT please do remember to listen to your body and rest when it wants to, so that you can continue to have that awesome kick-ass power! so glad everything went as well as can be expected yesterday once the blockage had been removed. Whohoo! only one left! yippeekay yay! xxx

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