Thursday, May 22, 2014

Beautiful day


Got up at 5:30 am - and couldn't go back to sleep. Time to defrost my shot and have a chat with some friends. A great way to wake up. Today was supposed to be sorting and then a visit to our summer house.

After dropping the kids off, I came home and laid down for a planned hour......well, snooze button and re-setting the alarm meant I slept for four hours and woke up with a headache. OUCH. The situation was remedied with 2 painkillers and some lunch. Then an hour of sorting before we left to pick up Eric at school and head to the summer house.

It was a beautiful day to be out there. The sun was beating down. We ate some snacks and then explored the surroundings. The boys and Nicole tried the zip line and laughed the whole way down.

We went home via the Vaxholm ferries so they could see a bit of the Swedish archipelago. It was a great ride and scenic view. 

Back home it was back to reality. The thing with cancer is that you can't take a vacation from it. It is with you all the time even though you try to forget it. It is now the really hard part starts- keeping the spirit up, the confidence levels up, the mental level up. I know I can do it but crap, I am tired of all of this piled on with all the other crap that is happening. I have definitely developed a more "what the heck" attitude. I only do the important things now - like hug my kids and my husband and laugh and cry with my friends. That is enough!



  1. Anonymous22/5/14

    You have come so far and, as with a marathon, you need to keep up the motivation for those last miles. Just keep looking to the finish line. It's closer than you think. Stockholm Strong!

  2. What the heck is a splendid attitude! and kisses 'n hugs sure are worth a million. Would love To go zip-lining, seems like a lotta fun but hubbs even refuses to go with me To Gröna Lund. Hope things feel better today. Toodelip!