Sunday, May 4, 2014

May the 4th BE WITH YOU


Home from the party at 2 a.m. We had a great time. I can't believe we stayed up that late-- it must be because we were having so much fun. Sleep came easily. I might have dreamt about Star Wars and the Force.

Eyes opened at 9:30 a.m. - feeling a bit tired. Got up and had some breakfast, tried to rouse my sister from her slumber. Don't want her to have jet lag. All were dressed and ready when we got a nice visit from Eva and Kenneth for a morning fika. (fika=coffee and cake break). It was fun to see them.

After their visit it was time for me, my sister and Peter to head into the Old Town of Stockholm. The weather has been crazy today- raining, snowing and hailing- this is not weather we have ordered. We got lucky and were just in time to hear the military marching band play some great songs in conjunction with the changing of the guard at the castle. Then we walked along in that "great" weather and found the cafe that has the best white chocolate cheesecake and stopped in for some lunch. It is fun to show off how beautiful the Old Town really is. We then drove home and showed her all the scenic sights we could on the way.

Of course, there was the mandatory stop at the supermarket to do some food shopping. Once home again, we realized that some necessary items were not purchased. So typical.

Peter made dinner and we enjoyed his culinary accomplishments. YUM YUM

Now as soon as I relax, I do feel a bit tired. My big toe is hopefully on the way to improvement, only time will tell. In a few days it will be chemo #5 - can't wait.............



  1. I would say "typical April weather" only it is May and isn't supposed to be like this! Aaanyhow, welcome to a new week and a glorious Monday by the look of it! Boy are you a party animal, up till wee hours! so glad you had such a good time. Hearing the marching military band of the changing of the guards play always make me happy, something from childhood. Wishing you and sis a fab fab day in our beautiful city. Cheerio! xx

  2. Anonymous5/5/14

    Härligt att du håller igång som du gör. Så mycket glädje ni utstrålar! Ha en fin måndag!/ irre

  3. Erika Arenborn5/5/14

    Sounded like a funny birthday party at your friend's house the other night ;-) ...Keep up the good attitude and have fun with your sister!
    Café Kladdkakan in Old Town..mmm, it's been a while since I was's not too far away from our old coffee place, do you remember? Kram!