Sunday, May 18, 2014

Nicole - guest blogger


Hello-- Follow the family tree...My husband, Mike, is Teresa's brother, so your guest blogger for today is Teresa's sister-in-law. My son, Jackson, and I arrived 2 days ago to a flurry of activity, and I think today Teresa is finally tired. Thank goodness for us, because we were having trouble keeping up with her. She said she was too tired to blog, but that's because she's helping Kevin pack clothes for the move. So, even though she's not blogging she's not stopping. CRAZY ENERGY

After two days of moving a lot of furniture with Peter and helping with the garage sale, we took a day to relax a bit today. Kevin had his first American football game of the year--GO FLYERS. We could really show our spirit today.

Jackson and I are learning a lot about life in Sweden, and we're just in time, because the next few things on the list include helping to get things ready to move to London. There will be a couple of doctor's appointments this week, and Eric goes back to school tomorrow. We had the chance to go to his school Friday when we got here and we saw his classroom and met his teachers. It seems like a great place, and they have a lot of fun stuff there. Eric is a champ with knowing what to eat and how much insulin to take. He is so mature about everything. I'm very proud of him for all that he is managing in such a short time after his diagnosis. As with everything else around here, I can see already that he will refuse to be defined by this, but will control it and thrive. What a great kid. He says I'm fun, so that's good too. :-) Eric, Jackson, Marcus and I were on the swings today while Teresa threw a frisbee to Sophie, so who wouldn't be fun doing that? Sophie is truly a champ with that frisbee, and she's good for Teresa. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

Teresa is taking charge of all sorts of things, and I can't tell that cancer has changed her a bit, except for the hair. She is a ball of energy, and I daresay we can't keep up with her. Despite many friends texting and messaging and reminding her to rest, she is on the go from morning until night. I keep offering drinks and snacks so that I get a good report from her to Nikki in Malta. I don't want to let anyone down. I'm on the job for the next week, and I have accepted the challenge of trying to get her to rest just a bit. KEEP TRYING. DON'T GIVE UP.

Tomorrow I get to see the famous toe at the orthopedic's office. I can't wait. We're told it is disgusting, but I don't know how Teresa would know because she hasn't looked at it yet. Should be fun if we can get her to take a peek.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of Teresa's friends here. They were all so nice when I met them yesterday at the sale, and I am truly thankful that they could be here when she needed people the most. I've heard many stories about friends who were there when she had her bone marrow test (Dale), when she got her diagnosis (Mia), and when she got the ENT tube (Maria). True friends that have bonds with Teresa that will last a lifetime, and who can make those of us stuck in the States rest easier knowing that Teresa, Peter, Kevin, Marcus and Eric are in good hands with a community of great support. THANKS.

Jack and I are looking forward to a great week, and I know we are all looking forward to our regular blogger being back tomorrow. :-)


  1. Hi ya Nicole! She sure is a ball of energy, so full of positive attitude and can-do. Teresas family and friends are just THE best! Now good luck trying to make her notch down a tad today :)) Have a fab fab Monday all of you! xx

  2. Anonymous20/5/14

    Great guest blog Nikki!
    Enjoy the great weather I didn't get on my visit there :)
    xoxo Kris