Friday, May 2, 2014

Finally it was easy....


My internal alarm clock just will not let me sleep late. Up and out with the dog, defrost my shot, chat with friends, take my shot and sleep a little bit longer.

I had a little excursion planned for today to Gnesta which is about an hour's drive away from home. It is where a Gustavian furniture company is. My goal was to re-cover the seats from our current chairs and buy 4 new chairs (covered in same material) so that in London we would have 10 chairs around the table. I had read on their website that it takes 4-8 weeks to produce them. That is a potential problem as they need to be ready for the moving van which comes in 24 days.

Music blasting while driving the car and the time went quickly. I arrived as they opened. I went in and looked around and then I told him the story of what I needed and when. I sent pictures to Peter in London for quick approval. Was I happy when the store owner said that it would work? OH YEAH. What a relief. Finally it was easy. I thanked him profusely.

Material and color of the new chairs

As I got in the car and  turned on the radio - HAPPY by Pharell Williams was playing. YEP. I WAS HAPPY. The ride home seemed to go a lot faster because I was in such a good mood.

I got home and gave the kids lunch and then I headed over to Dale's house to have some tea and delicious fresh baked banana bread. Laughs and great company - couldn't ask for anything else. Thanks DALE.

Home again and I went right to bed and slept for an hour. Felt refreshed after waking up, made the dinner for the kids and now it is time for bed again. Early airport run tomorrow to pick up my sister.



  1. Anonymous3/5/14

    Hoppas du njuter av den knoppande våren!/ irre

  2. YEAH! good news about the chairs!! *thumbs up* and sis coming today, another reason to put Pharell Williams on full blast. One of my faves at the moment and constantly in my headphones. People looking at me on the bus, silly grin on my face and silently singing my head off when the chorus comes. Haaaapppppy!!! you go Teresa! xoxox

    1. Yes, that song is catchy even though I didn't like it when I first heard it. It kind of grows on you.