Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hot and Sunny



Started the day off early. It should be a day of rest. I try. I really try to rest. but so much to do and so little time left.

I started with a drive to the airport to drop Nicole and Jackson off at 8 am. Then on the way home I found a street sign of Jackson's favorite word. I had to stop and take a picture. It means speed bump but sounds really funny in English.

Back home again and I did a little sorting before the move. Then it was time to eat lunch and relax a little before Kevins's American Football game at 1 pm. Go Täby Flyers U17. They won over Solna Chiefs and Kevin played a good game today. It was a hot day on the field and in the stands. It is always a great environment with the other parents as we cheer on our sons.

After they won they do the wave for all of us and then we headed home. I was tired from the sun even though I had some sunscreen on my bald head. Peter made dinner and we ate. Everyone was hungry. After dinner I made a stab at organizing some stuff in each of the rooms. We now have two days to get ready before chemo and then the movers. (I am so going to relax next weekend.......)

I face-timed with Nicole and Jackson from the Chicago airport. They had arrived on their first leg of the journey. Miss them already. Then Marie face-timed me from the Carolina Mountains and we chatted a while. I really do like the facetime aspect, especially when the connection is great.

Side effects of cancer are different for each person. The chemo drugs are quite strong and the other pills that try and counter the side effects are really not good for the body and also can cause long term problems. For me they have been mild in most cases. Hard brittle toe and finger nails, mouth sores, loss of hair in most places, fatigue, loss of toe nail, blurry vision and dry eyes at times, can't wear contact lenses, sensitive to light, grouchy, irritable - these are mine that I live with each day. Some of these side effects will never go away and others will take up to a year to disappear.

It is amazing what we put our bodies through just to live. We humans are amazing!!

My tired self is going to go to sleep so I can leave good blood work tomorrow.



  1. Anonymous26/5/14

    Du är bara bäst!/ irre

  2. We humans certainly are amazing. Just think how strong the will to live is and what our bodies have been programmed with. Survival at any cost! We are capable of so much that we cannot even imagine we have in us. You are showing how concentrating on what is good in your body rather than the negative effects makes life more positive and produces energy, gives you energy and takes you forward. You are an amazing woman and outstanding person Teresa, such a role model on how life can be lived to the fullest no matter what. Som Irre säger, du är verkligen bara bäst!! kramkram

    1. Thanks for these words of kindness Eila.