Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kris- guest blogger


Hi I am Teresa's sister Kris and I am today's guest blogger. I arrived in Stockholm airport Saturday morning about 8:00 am. Teresa was waiting for me as I came out of baggage claim.

This is my first time in Sweden and it was still a bit colder than Teresa had promised. 

On the way to her house she told me the plan was to have a cup of tea, then I would be allowed to sleep for 2 hours, go to Kevin's American football scrimmage, and then a 50th birthday party for Mia's husband. Teresa's house is beautiful and the kids rooms are perfect for them. 

A big thank you to Eric for letting me use his room this week. There are a lot of boxes around as Teresa's family is readying for their move to London.

I really don't remember much before Teresa woke me up from my nap but apparently I had slept over four hours and Kevin's scrimmage was going to start in 20 minutes. We bundled up and headed out to Kevin's game. Sweden was playing Finland and Kevin did very well and it was fun to watch especially an American game here in Sweden.

So then we were on our way to Ake's 50th birthday party. I am told the following: there will be 60 people there, assigned seats and games probably with people you don't know. I use eye brow pencil and write a birthday message to Ake on the back of Teresa's head and we decide to drive because it is snowing and Teresa's toe hurts and is green/purple. (If she tries to show you look away!).

Mia &Ake's home is beautiful, the alcohol is free flowing and we are told to team up with three others who we do not know to play a game. I think my team did well but we did not win (I was useless as I don't follow professional soccer or speak Swedish. My apologies to Peo and the rest of my team.)

John, Mia's brother in law, sat next to me at dinner and was an excellent translator and instructed me on traditions. In Sweden it is tradition that there is a toastmaster at dinner and a lot of singing. I didn't understand much of what was said but I didn't need a translator to know all the guests have genuine affection for Ake and had shared many great experiences.  There was a lot of laughing and even some guitar playing. 

It was a great celebration and I was so happy to be a part of it. Mia, her sisters, brother and their partners all made me feel so welcome. I guess this blog is supposed to be about Teresa, not me so let me end by saying the people here are the best and I am so grateful that Teresa has them in her life as dear friends and for support.


  1. Anonymous5/5/14

    Well done Kris. You are a great guest blogger. So glad you are with Teresa this week.Enjoy your visit and give everyone a big hug from me. TerryB

  2. Dear Teresa and Kristine - I didn't think anything else would make me cry. Reading about both of you being together and supporting each other is really joyous. How blessed to have two such "fabulous" daughters. Dad and I sending hugs, kisses and our love to both of you. Loved the message on Teresa's head! and Yes Teresa is also so blessed to have such magnificent Swedish friends. Love to all of you in Sweden. M&D

  3. Anonymous5/5/14

    Great spirit, as the rest of your family!!!
    I wish you a magic stay here in Sweden with your fantastic sister!/ irre

  4. Erika Arenborn5/5/14

    Welcome to Sweden, I'm sure you're going to have a great time here with your amazing sister!