Thursday, May 15, 2014

I feel fine!


Took it easy this morning. I let Peter get the kids up and check Eric's blood sugar in the morning. We are getting the hang of the procedures but not his values yet so it is a little stressful to try and keep everything right.

Today we had more diabetes training at the hospital and the final check out meeting with the doctors. They are really a fantastic bunch there and spend the time to explain everything to us even though my chemo brain is not registering everything.

I am amazed that I can get around as well as I do. I don't dare sit down too long because I might not get up. We don't have many days left until the movers come to pack up the house so things have to get done.

After diabetes training it is time to go back to the pharmacy to pick up more of the medicine for Eric and then home. I tried to rest but it just didn't work because I am so excited that my sister in law Nicole and my nephew Jackson are on their way to us. It is Jackson's first ever flight on an airplane so it will be special journey for him.

There is a lot to do before Saturday's huge moving sale at our house will take place. It will be from noon until 4 pm have gone through most of the stuff for the moving sale but definitely not all. I have found puzzles the kids played with when they were little, clothes they have outgrown, tons of toys and books. Amazing what we have collected through the years.

We have been feeling the pressure of all the things that have been going on. Even though I am doing a lot of things, I am not doing so many of the things that should be getting done. And that is very stressful. So, any steps we can take to relieve the stress is good.

Today we decided not to buy the house that we had put an offer in on in London. Our plan was to renovate it and I am just too tired to choose items and deal with the builders. We have decided that it makes the most sense for us to rent something for a year and live our lives and then find a house that fits us perfectly. It was a hard decision to make but it feels like the right one.

I am not having any time to feel the side effects. I am thankful for that. I just get by each day doing the best I can. It is gratifying all my friends that make sure I am not alone by keeping up the contact with me - either in person or by chat or a call. It is overwhelming at times to be so loved. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU.



  1. darling Teresa! always thinking of you! and Eric! and the family! I know that your energy level will rise again once Nicki gets there with Jackson. You do realize that you are doing more each day than most people without your circumstance. Even though you worry about Eric, he is in safe hands with you and Peter and God. you are the best example for Eric. I love that you are taking time each day to "contemplate" how amazing life is. You are a miracle, Eric is a miracle! Hugs, M&D

  2. Anonymous16/5/14

    Förnuftigt beslut! Jag har tipsat min kompis på Lövängsvägen om ert event!
    Kram Kicki