Monday, May 5, 2014

One more day....


Up at 5:30 am. Seemed too short of a sleep considering I fell asleep around midnight. The usual routine ensued. We got the two older off to school. My youngest was looking pale and not feeling too good. He got to stay home and stay in bed today.

My sister and I along with Sophie in the back seat had a mission today. It was to go to our summer house and get it ready for us to move into in a few weeks. We took the scenic route over Vaxholm and Rindö with the car ferries. It was a nice morning. Shortly after our arrival at the house, the cleaning, dusting and bed making was in full speed mode. After two hours, we were tired but had done our job. Lunch was peppers and chicken. YUM YUM YUM.

Our way home was past my in-laws so they could say hi to my sister. It was nice to have a cup of tea and some cake. Thanks Evy and Reinhold.

Our drive home was a very scenic route on the road through Stockholm in all the traffic. We got a great view of the buildings as we inched along in the car..........

Once we got home it was time for dinner and then after dinner to wave goodbye to Peter as he drove off to the airport for another work week in London. Good thing my sister is here.

The inside of my mouth is dry and feels weird but I can still eat. I am feeling tired but there is so much to do so I barely sit down. Tomorrow will be the test if my blood numbers are good enough. Keep your fingers crossed.

My youngest crawled into bed, not up to his usual self yet. My oldest is now complaining of a throbbing headache pain in and behind his eye. This will be an interesting week.

Our chocolate chip cookies are being baked as I write. It smells so good in the house.



  1. Anonymous5/5/14

    Jag håller självklart tummarna!!!
    Vad roligt att du har sällskap av din syster. Det blir så mycket lättare när man är två och ska fixa saker.
    Hoppas barnen kryar på sig

  2. Jag håller också tummar och tår för dig att det blir bra resultat på blodproverna imorgon:):)
    Massa massa styrkekramar till dig!!!!

  3. Anonymous6/5/14

    Det är full fart hela tiden i din omgivning! Glöm inte att vila emellanåt! Önskar att det går bra med proverna idag!!/ irre

  4. Hope everything went really well today! bet those chocolate chip cookies went down like butter on hot bread! You sure are a busy busy bee Teresa! Naps are really good for ya as Irre says above. Sleep tight! xxx

  5. Anonymous7/5/14

    Love you! /Clara

  6. Anonymous7/5/14

    Hoppas att proverna var bra idag, och att tån är mkt bättre. Härligt för dig att ha syrran hos dig!
    Massor med styrka och kärlek till dig