Friday, May 16, 2014

So much to do, so little time.....


Only 5 hours of sleep will make me want to take a nap but alas, the day is long and there is a lot to do.

Pick-up of Nicole and and my nephew, Jackson at the airport. It was Jackson's first flight ever. Eric and Jackson are the same age so this is going to be a fun week.

Home and some breakfast, then it was Peter, Eric and I off to the hospital for our last round of Diabetes training with the nurse. Very useful information!

Home again to find our house guests refreshed and ready for lunch. We ate a quick lunch and then we headed off to Eric's school with Nicole and Jackson to have a meeting with the teachers about Eric coming back on Monday and how they will help him with his Diabetes and taking his insulin. The meeting went well. Nicole and the boys played outside on the playground and had a good time.
We are confident that the last 15 days of school will go well for Eric. Peter will be with him on Monday and explain to the class and then help him through the day.

After the school it was time to head to the mall for some food shopping and to pick up the package that had been sent with all of Eric's diabetes supplies. WOW. That is a lot of stuff.

The boys looking at the candy choices but not buying........

Home again and then it was time to empty the storage unit of the furniture and bring it home in anticipation of the moving sale we are having tomorrow from noon. It was a 3 hour deal to move everything. It was Peter and Nicole that did the moving and I just pointed and tried to help but was not allowed.

Then I made us a late dinner of tacos and we all sat down to eat. Laughs galore, helped by the late hour and jet lag. Never a dull moment here.

An early night for our guests is to be expected and when I am done with this then it is good night so I can prepare for tomorrows event.

I am tired but full of energy. I can't believe it has been two days since chemo. I am sometimes feeling slightly nauseous. I am so tired I will sleep well tonight.........



  1. Dearest Teresa! I cannot get to sleep each night unless I read your writings. Tonight I looked back on some of your older writings. They really are a chronicle of inspired messages with honest feelings and uplifting stories about your and your family's journey. Throughout all of these days, I am still amazed at how you conduct your life and channel your feelings in positive ways.

    Love to nicole and Jackson - they are already a help to you and bring renewed positive energy. I know that Jackson and Eric will build strong memories throughout this experience. Remember that all will be well, and everything will be accomplished. YOU must really rest each day! Love you, Mom and Dad

  2. Anonymous17/5/14

    Sänder dig ljusa hälsningar från Prag!/ irre

  3. Anonymous17/5/14

    Fantastiska Teresa, vilken vecka du och din familj har haft. Så skönt att läsa om hur Erik omhändertogs, och att du blev fri från infektionen och kunde få din behandling. Ja inte för att det är någon belöning precis, men nödvändig för att bekämpa de kvarvarande 10%.
    Tänker mycket på er och hoppas att både du och familjen nu får lugn och tid för mer umgänge och glädje tillsammans med era besökare.
    Hoppas loppisen blev välbesökt och att det mesta försvann.
    Massor med kramar till er/Ulla

  4. What amazing reading Teresa, so much has happened. As your dad says, it is really a journey you are making in your family. Eric is such a trouper, a copy of his mum. What an example he is to both grown-ups and kids alike! you all spread rings on water and impact many others with your positive energy and way of handling things. xxx