Monday, May 19, 2014

Hit the Wall


Woke up before the alarm clock but did not feel rested. Today there was a lot to do. First day to start taking the shots. It hurt a little bit because it has been so long.

The 8:30 am appointment at the orthopedic to look at my toe seemed like a good idea when I made it. Sitting in rush hour for 45 minutes was not my idea of fun as I came a few minutes late to the appointment. Luckily, the nurse could still see me, changed the bandage and said it looked good and we were out in 15 minutes.

My plan was then to take Nicole and Jackson to Stadshuset (Stockholm City Hall) for a guided tour. After a few wrong turns and trying to find parking we made it and signed up for a tour. A very good tour guide made the visit interesting. Jackson asked some questions that stumped the guide.

Going for a swim?

After the tour, we come outside to pouring rain and me in open toed shoes. Yippie. We walked along Hantverkargatan until we found a restaurant and a place to get out of the rain. We ate lunch and by then the rain had let up so our walk back to the car was a dry one.

A little sightseeing by car on the way home and I found myself hitting the wall of no energy. I went to sleep as soon as we got home and snoozed right away. Peter woke me up just before he left for the airport on his way to London.

We made a bunch of leftovers for the kids and they enjoyed it. I have no energy but a million things to do. My body is saying no. I need to rest and build up the energy. I have hit the wall and need to back away slowly.

Everything will work out in the end with the move. The less time I have to prepare the more effective I need to be.

Without Nicole here, this week would be a nightmare. I am going to bed and setting my alarm for 3 am to check Eric's blood sugar.


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  1. Snoozes are good! and asking for help is really, really good. People like to help. Makes me palpitate and sweat just thinking of the mountain of tasks you are setting on yourself Teresa. Even if you are Power Woman, it might be a good idea to engage some additional power supplies or else you will have a complete outage sooner than you think. It isn't about being effective, it's about planning wisely and dividing resources evenly. Wishing you an energy filled Tuesday with plenty of time for rest and just being in the moment. xxx