Saturday, May 17, 2014

MOVING SALE -success


Not enough sleep - yes it is true. I am not surprised. Steroids, middle of the night blood sugar level tests for Eric and total exhaustion for me, means not enough sleep.

I awoke at 7 am but didn't get out of bed until a half hour later. Then it was full speed ahead with the preparations for the moving sale. We worked hard right up until 12 noon, my bald head was sweaty but I washed it before everyone came and even put sunscreen on it. I was tired but full of energy.

We had prepared and moved everything and were ready when the folk masses came to browse and buy. It was an intensive 4 hours with lots of friends and others that were looking for a bargain. We sold a lot of stuff and everyone left feeling happy with their purchases. A fantastic time in the beautiful sunny and warm day in Stockholm. Nicole kept me supplied with cold drinks and snacks during the day. She was a lifesaver.

There are a lot of different characters that show up at these type of sales. Just saying.

By 5 p.m., I must admit that I was feeling tired, my energy level had decreased and it was time for some dinner and to sit down on the couch for a few minutes before dinner. Felt good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter made the dinner and we all sat down to enjoy it. Of course, our new reality is Eric figuring out what he wants to eat, counting the carbohydrates and then determining his insulin level. This delays the eating routine but as he gets more comfortable it will get back to normal.

I really loved seeing all the people and friends that came today. Nicole is good at reading people and said that I am someone who gets energy from being with my friends and meeting people. This is totally true. I do love the interaction between people, it is something amazing. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU THAT CAME BY TODAY. AWESOME. GRATEFUL.

Now the cousins are watching a movie and us adults are just chilling after working hard all day. I just can't fathom that I have so much energy 3 days after chemo #5. It must be because I am focused.



  1. Dearest Teresa : Yes you are focused. You are loved and loving! you have a genuine interest in people and always expect the best of them. The moving sale looks interesting. How often do you see moving sales there? How wonderful that Nicole could be there to assist you and make you laugh. Love to all of you! Guest M&D

  2. Anonymous18/5/14

    Lycka till med att få allt sålt. Fattar inte hur du orkar med allt du gör! / irre

  3. Goodness Teresa! where on earth do you get all that turbo energy?! Your SIL Nicole is totally right, you really do thrive on meeting people and people like meeting you! Good job with the sale! you certainly deserve chilling out. Hey! good luck with the toe today, Monday! xxx

  4. Erika Arenborn19/5/14

    Chiming in with everyone here, where the heck do you get all that energy from? Anyway, glad to hear the sale went well, sorry we couldn't be there - we had to throw away some stuff from the summerhouse at ÅVC. I'll be there next weekend though. Hope your toe is getting better and not too bad to look at now. Seems like a good decision not to complete the buying of the house in London, have you found a rental already? Hope you get a nice week with Nicole and Jackson, and that the weather will be great during their stay so they get to see the best time of the year here. See you soon!