Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Old Town



Yes, woke up too early but felt more rested anyway. I need to build up those energy levels. Out with the dog, got my shot out of the fridge, got the kids up, took my shot, drove them to the station and school and then home to get ready for today's excursion to Gamla Stan (the Old Town).

We left around 9:30 and there was hardly any traffic until we got into town. On the way in Petra called and brightened my day. Awesome to hear her voice. It took us 45 minutes to find a parking spot. I really wish I could have taken public transportation but alas - not allowed due to risk for infection. We ended up parking in a parking garage and walking the scenic route.

It was a beautiful day again with the weather and we enjoyed seeing the sights. We walked around the pretty streets of the Old Town and to see it through Jackson's eyes was special. He loved all the stories I told him and especially liked the one about the Stockholm Bloodbath and the cannon balls that are still wedged in the facade of the buildings in the main square. It makes the history real. In the middle of the walk, Clara called to check up on me. Awesome to hear her voice as well.

I spy some cannon balls.......

We ate lunch and just people watched. Then we walked over to an art gallery in Gamla Stan that was exhibiting a friends art. Johanna's paintings were fantastic as were the other exhibitors artwork. I am going to have to commission some paintings. I also met SL who is one of the many that follow my blog. That was fun to put the name with the face. I appreciate all of the comments I receive even if I don't always reply right away.

We walked back in the hot weather all the way to the car and drove first to Eric's school to pick him and then home. I rested a little bit after sorting out a few more inconveniences in life that in the big scheme of things don't matter. I let some of these inconveniences irritate me and let it out over the kids and everyone nearby. Crap, cancer sucks and has made my temper shorter and sometimes misdirected.

Dinner, driving Kevin to practice, trying to calm down, talking with Stina, picking Kevin up from practice, Mattias coming over to buy some LEGO, facetiming with Marie, getting the kids in bed----writing the blog, trying to refocus and take deep breaths.

I am grateful for what I have when I have time to reflect. I need to focus on that. It is one more month of pressure and tension that I need to focus on. In one month, we should hopefully be on vacation if nothing else happens. So, thirty more days of focus for this cancer. That is not so long if I consider that it has been more than 90 days since I got my diagnosis. At the end of these 30 days I will know results. It is what it is. OK time for sleep in this hot weather without air conditioning.......



  1. Teresa! each day you have proven that your positive attitude is important to kicking this ! cancer. Each day you have shown how the love of your family and friends has boosted your energy. Now it is just one more day - one at a time. you really are almost at the finish line. How I long for you to be able to join us and be cancer free. Keep reminding yourself that all will be well!
    Know that you are loved and cherished. Hugs, M&D

  2. Erika Arenborn23/5/14

    Seemed like a perfect day in the Old Town! Don't be too hard on yourself about loosing your temper, it's only human you know, we all do it once in a while. Nobody is perfect. Anyway, there's a busy Saturday for you coming you need help? Don't hesitate to let me know. I'm coming over alone, B is going away with some friends, F is away on kollo. See ya tomorrow! :-)

  3. Arrgh! Too bad I missed you in the gallery, SL told me you had popped by for a visit. I'm the scrapbooking lady 😉 As your dad says, you're almost at the finishing line! Cyber hugs to ya! 🌸