Sunday, June 1, 2014

Moving days part 1 and 2



Movers arrived at 8 am, the day after my 6th and last chemo. So, my level of tolerance for anything to go wrong was ZERO.  Not really a good premise or starting point to pack all your belongings for a move to another country.

The moving guys were very nice and were understanding when I told them the first order of business was to fill the smaller truck with the stuff to the summer house. And then to pack everything else that is going to London. Once they started everything went relatively well. We were still sorting out some stuff and it will be interesting to see what they actually packed in the container to London when we open it in August.

I rested a few minutes each hour but it was a quick tempo all day and after 14 hours of work we were out at the summer house. I was exhausted and tried to sleep. Those dang steroids made me overtired and wide awake.

During the day the boys just sat at the their computers and enjoyed the last of the “free” wi-fi at home. We had to eat out for lunch because Peter had packed all the food for the summer house. Nothing can be easy can it???????

We left the house key with the neighbors so that the movers could get in bright and early (8 am) on Friday morning.



Awoke early after only a few hours of sleep. The final stretch and I was at my limit. I needed to go to storage and pick up the rest of the LEGO to bring with us to London. A 45 minute drive from the summer house to the other house with no traffic. Thank goodness it was a holiday in Sweden. I went to storage, loaded up the car and then brought it home. I was stressed because when I pulled up they had already backed the container up to our driveway and were starting to load. WAIT – they were not done packing yet…..panic set in.

Oh yeah, Peter was coming in the other car in about two hours so they could have a sleep in. PANIC again.

The guys helped me move the stuff into the house into the LEGO pile and were nice about it. Then they started to ask me questions, like ”is this going?, what about this?” They could see the look in my eyes that I was close to losing it. How the hell have I held out so long????? The panic hit me and I knew I needed to leave for a little while and then get something to eat. The moving guys sensed it too.
I left and went to McDonalds for some breakfast. That’s when the fun started. The guy ahead of me in line pays for his food, takes his tray and starts walking. His receipt flutters off his tray, he watches it fall to the floor and then continues walking. NO, NO, NO. I pick it up, follow him and then tell him “here is your receipt that I am throwing out for you”. NO RESPONSE from him at all. I then turn around and walk to the counter to place my order with the cashier that witnessed that exchange of words. She expedited my order quite quickly. I was so shaky that I could barely talk. Oh yeah, I was bald because I couldn’t find my chemo caps. So a mad woman this early in the morning was a sight to see.

I sat down at the table and started to cry. It was all too much for me. I drank my cappuccino and ate my bacon and egg mcmuffin and was still hungry. Lucky for me, two of my friends started to chat with me on Facebook and they saved the day by writing comforting words and it helped me over the hump. Then I ordered another bacon and egg mcmuffin, ate it in the car and drove slowly home to the movers. THANKS GIRLS.

Peter and the kids arrived shortly thereafter. It was time for Peter to make a few runs to storage with all the boxes we were not taking with us. Approximately half of them are most likely papers that we will throw out but I have not had time to sort through any of them during these past few months.

We survived the day, just barely. Arrived to the summer house at 9:30 pm and hoped to fall asleep but it wasn’t so easy.

We still had stuff at the house and needed to make another trip on Saturday morning so I wasn’t able to totally relax.


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  1. Anonymous2/6/14

    Teresa, du är ju något helt otrolig! Jag tror du måste tagga ner lite. Men också beundransvärd full av energi!/ irre