Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sunny weather is always good.



This is post #100 and it is 111 days since I have been diagnosed. 

Woke up early but in no hurry to get the day going even though there was tons to do. All done with the shots, it was just two pills to swallow before breakfast.

Getting out of bed, my body is like what I imagine it would be like for an old person: stiff joints, minimal feeling in my hands and feet, blurry vision. This is the new reality for me even though I am not old. (or don't want to act my age anyway) It sucks but I live with it because the other choice is not acceptable. I think I will get used to it but I really wish I didn't have to.

Kids up and fed, the sun is shining brightly as we pack the clothes for the next few days that we will spend at Mia's house. It is time for lunch and planning of the logistics for the day.

Shortly after lunch we load up the car: 5 people, 1 dog, 2 suitcases, 1 sports training bag, some Lego, and 3 school backpacks.

Our first stop is Sjökrickan, the home of the Täby Flyers American Football Team. Kevin has a game against Stockholm Mean Machines. It is a bright and sunny day, except for the half hour of rain during warm-ups. Peter had to make a detour to buy a new leash for Sophie as he forget hers at the summer house.

Sitting on the sidelines, cheering the team on is an adrenaline rush. Kevin was playing the position of Safety today and made an awesome interception and ran it for about 15 or 20 yards before being tackled on the 10 yard line. He was pumped up today. The Flyers won 46-6. GO FLYERS.

Next stop after the game was to drop Sophie off at Ellinor's house. Sophie really likes being there. Thanks Ellinor.

Then it was off to the airport to drop of Peter so he could work a little next week. Now it is just me and the kids. So, we made a stop at Mcd's and then the food store before we arrived to Mia's house.

We invaded with our luggage and were greeted warmly by the whole family. It was a beautiful evening and we sat on the back deck, drinking tea and just chatting. No moving boxes in sight.

Sleep didn't happen until almost 11 pm.



Slow to rise but quick to get ready this morning. Got all the kids where they needed to be this morning even with some packed lunches for their class excursions.

It has been almost two weeks since chemo #6, when I look in the mirror I am hoping that everything is now gone. Next week I will know.

I needed to go to the local nurse to get my toe bandage switched. It was quite a hassle to get someone to fix it for me and then a bit of a bummer because it is not 100% healed which means not getting it wet and still taking the antibiotics.

Eric's class was going to the Butterfly house at Haga Park today and I promised to meet them there. It was a hot day and we had fun seeing all the cool butterflies, the sharks and the piranhas. Strange I know to call it the butterfly house and then have sharks and piranhas but heck, it's Sweden. It was fun to spend time with his class.

I  took Eric home in the car directly from the park. I had time to sleep and he had time to relax before we headed off to Bella's high school graduation party. It was great to be invited to the celebration of such a great achievement. Fantastic.

Got back to Mia's home around 8 pm and it was time to relax before getting the kids into bed.

The side effects are cramping my style and forcing me to adjust what and how I do some things. Frustrating but bearable.

What keeps me going?????? Of course my husband and kids make me want to keep up the fight. My friends and their encouraging words and actions make sure that I stay focused. Now I just need to focus on the next steps and take one day at a time.

Feels like I am standing still but time is hurrying forward but not fast enough to the day of the results. CRAZY.



  1. Anonymous10/6/14

    Du är bara helt beundransvärd! Ta väl hand om din kropp!/ irre

  2. I am filled with admiration reading how you go about your days. Your unwavering focus and attitude, amazing! LOVE that quote - we often like to think heroes have cloaks and masks when it's the average guy who steps up to the challenge and stands by his fellow man when in need. I am so grateful that you have the loving support of so many people, your family and friends. You go Teresa!! you can do this, every day it's one step closer! xoxoxo