Sunday, June 15, 2014

Last weekend of not knowing.....


Got the kids up and we left the house in time to sit in some traffic on the way to the Campus Manilla's last day of school. I brought all three of my children because right after we had to take them to the dentist. Logistics.........

Being at the school again, I was able to visit each of the classrooms and share with the students how talented and focused they were during their LEGO lessons through the year. I also got to tell the parents about their children and their fantastic creativity. It gave me so much mental energy to be there with them for those few hours. I am going to miss those kids.

We left the campus around 11:30 and had a fun time (not) in traffic trying to get from Djurgården to Gamla Stan on a Friday in the middle of the day. We made it in time and even had time for a quick lunch. It was good to have all the kids appointment at the dentist at the same time. I need to schedule mine as soon as I am allowed by the doctor.

Peter joined us at the dentist and then we split up so they could do food shopping and we could go home and relax.

I fell asleep early. Feeling tired physically but full of energy mentally.


I woke up at 4 am because the wind was blowing the trees around. A little scary to see them swaying so much. I tried to fall asleep again and awoke at a more normal hour at 7 am.
We got some stuff done in the morning but it is always a challenge to get everyone out of the house for any events.

Today's event was Kevin's last American football game. We arrived in time to drop him off for warm-ups and then head to our old neighborhood to pick up our mail at Gunilla's house and we even had time for a cup of coffee. Feels good that we have moved on even though we are in a sort of holding pattern right now. I am anxious to start this new life but there are still some things to finish off here.

Kevin played fantastic for his last game. The opponents were large guys but Kevin found many different ways to tackle them. He was on fire. I was emotional before the game as I thought about how much I will miss standing on the sidelines cheering him on, being nervous during the game even if they were leading and then the joy of each win that they have had this season. It is really a great group of guys and their parents are fantastic too. THEY WON THE GAME. After the game, Kevin got a gatorade type of shower (luckily it was only water) and they thanked him for his great efforts during the past few years.

It is good to have other things to do so that my mind doesn't have time to dwell on the next week.

I slept well.


Awoke too early this morning, went back to sleep. Got up and didn't feel too good. Too many things to be done and no energy to do them. Today was just catching up on all the bill paying and moving stuff paperwork in between my long naps. So basically I just slept, ate a little bit and sat at computer getting caught up on reality.

I am always thankful for my friends that are able to know when I am down or tired and give me such encouraging words.

Peter is on his way back to London.

I will get through this week of tests and results. Tomorrow is the big test to see if the cancer is still there. The results won't be known by me until Thursday. So it is a week of limbo and uncertainty.

Feeling tired again. Gotta go to sleep.



  1. Anonymous15/6/14

    Tillit är en viktig hjälp iväntan på resultaten! Du övervinner allt!!/ irre

  2. Erika Arenborn16/6/14

    Keeping our fingers crossed for good results this week, you'll be on that plane to Florida in no time at all. Keep up the good work and fighting spirit! Kram!

  3. dear Teresa Kudos to Kevin - and to you for taking the moment to appreciate all that you have in your beautiful children. You and Peter have created three fabulous sons. Praying for you and for your tests this week. Love you, mom and dad