Thursday, June 5, 2014

Making up for lost time....



Waking up at Mia's house is great. When you only have enough clothes for the visit it makes choosing them so much easier. There are no moving boxes to go through and only happy people live here. It feels good.

A restless night with periods of hot and cold sweats. I am still tired when I wake up and mentally plan my day around how many hours I can sleep. Tonight is a dinner with work colleagues so I need to save up my strength.

Kids to school, me home to nap for 4 hours, eat, sleep for 2 hours, pick up kids from school, make some quick snacks then it is time to drive into town.

Dinner was at Djurgårdsbrunn and it was really good food and great company.  I drove some of them into town and home and it was a fun time. I got home around 9:30 pm and I was tired. I drive the car on auto pilot. Åke was a dream and took care and fed all the kids because Mia and I were both out. THANKS ÅKE.

Sleep was restless and I awoke several times during the night.



Today we were even later out the door than yesterday. But we still made it to all the right places in time. The older boys made it to school and Eric and I had a 9 am doctor's appointment at the hospital with the diabetes nurse. Traffic wasn't too bad today on E4.

The visit with the nurse went well even though I am still exhausted and can barely stand.  After the visit was over I dropped Eric off at school and came back to sleep. YEP, slept for a few more hours before I had to wake up and go get Eric from school.

We did some quick food shopping and then came home to Mia's house. Tonight I am going to make some dinner before Kevin has to go to practice. Then I will pack up the car, go and get the dog from Ellinor's house and then drive out to the summer house.

Peter will arrive to the summer house from London around 1 am. I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend. I plan on sleeping as much as possible.

I just need to get through each day and let the medicine do its work. Less than two weeks left until new tests and the final results are in. Not thinking about it too much as I have been sleeping these past few days. I am sure the anxiety level will be up as it gets closer to the actual date.

Next week is the kids last week at school in Sweden. I hope they take the time to enjoy it. 


  1. Erika Arenborn5/6/14

    Good to hear that you listen to your body and that you've good friends spoiling you while staying in their house! Hang in there, sooner than you know you'll be on that flight to the US, with your family and to meet with your family there. Enjoy the lazy days and take care! Have a happy holiday! Kram!

  2. Yes, I agree. Your body talks and you listen, makes me very happy. The killer meds cause mega havoc in your body and it fights like hell to give back your health to you. It totally sucks that it has all the side effects, big time double shit! Doing the wave for Mia and Åke, what fabulous peeps! You rest and rest some more, time does its work. Soon Teresa, soon! Sending you lots of warm thoughts xoxo

  3. Anonymous6/6/14

    Vila och hämta all den kraft du behöver!
    Stor kram

  4. Anonymous6/6/14

    Jag förvånas varje gång jag läser hur mycket du orkar samtidigt som din kropp kämpar. Verkligen bra du ger dig tid att också vila och låta kroppen återhämta sig. Du är ett kraftpaket och övervinner ALLT.

  5. Jag förvånas också.