Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday means two days left....


Started the day when my alarm went off at midnight. Time to get up and watch the USA-GHANA game. It was just me and Kevin awake until halftime. Then it was just me. A very exciting game because I know the American spirit is to never give up. That's why I knew Team USA would win.

Once the game was over it was time for some sleep. Woke up without the alarm anyway at 6:30. Yuck. Too early, so out with the dog and then back to bed until 9 am. Kevin has one of his friends for a two day visit so by 11 am they wanted something to eat. Made some bacon and eggs and then went back to bed.

It was just one of those days with no scheduled appointments anywhere but still lots to be done. I had no energy to do any of these things. Time for another nap until 2:30 then I tried to move my self toward taking a shower but luckily I got sidetracked a few times when Nicole called me, then my sister Kris called me and then Nikki chatted with me. I eventually got clean and then Kevin and his friend followed me to the store for some food shopping so they could bake some cookies.

I made pancakes for dinner and the boys made their Reese's peanut butter chip cookies. The house smelled great. Then the boys were outside on the trampoline and I just wasted time- cleaning up. Messages popped up from Mia, Peter and Petra and they warm my heart. THANKS.

Now it is time for sleep. I didn't get any of the things I really needed to get done at all finished today. But who gives a toot. Those things will still be there tomorrow.

So, less than 48 hours left. I only think about it sometimes and then I don't dwell on it. Whatever happens happens. Now I just want to know what the verdict is.

Tomorrow is one day closer. I so want to be done with this. Ready for the next step.



  1. Dearest Teresa: everyone here has you in their prayers. Your courage is outstanding. Your love for others is precious. We love you so much. We are here for you. Mom and Dad

  2. Erika Arenborn18/6/14

    Thinking of you and keep up the positive attitude! Keeping fingers crossed for great news tomorrow!

    Teresa, following your journey with cancer on this blog has been and will be useful in some unexpected ways,
    my mum has been diagnosed with breast cancer recently and will have to do chemotherapy first and radiation later,
    the next six months :( so again Fuck Cancer!

    Take care and big hugs!