Sunday, June 1, 2014

Not the usual weekend at the summer house.........


Woke up early, also didn’t sleep too well, tried to fall asleep again, chatted with Nikki and then took my time getting out of bed. It was not laziness, it was exhaustion that got me to move so slowly.

We finally got to the house at around 11 am. We did some runs to storage and Peter made a trip to the dump. I packed up those last things and tried to keep track of the important stuff. We were done in about 3,5 hours and then drove home to drop the stuff off because we were having dinner guests.

Yes, crazy in a way but good to have something to look forward to. It was my 1st cousin Carey and his girlfriend, Ann-Marie that were on a business trip to Stockholm and wanted to meet up with us. I hadn’t seen Carey in about 15 years. I drove to Gamla Stan and picked them up and brought them out to our summer house which was now half filled with all those moving  boxes that we hadn’t had time to sort.

Now, it was time to relax. Peter had made the food on the grill and the boys had set the table. Champagne was chilling. We celebrated that the house was empty (almost empty anyway), that Carey and Ann-Marie were visiting and that things could only get better. The champagne, wine, beer and mineral water and coffee went very well with the food and the dessert. We had great conversation and laughed many times reminiscing about our childhood. It was great!!!!!!!

Ann-Marie, me and Carey

Peter drove them back to Gamla Stan around 11 pm and I was asleep shortly after they left.


Awoke to the sun shining brightly in my eyes. I took my last two steroid pills. Yippie! I tried to get up but man, I am tired.

I chatted with Nikki and that always brings a smile to my face. She is one of a kind!!!!!

We spent the morning trying to get stuff organized for the week. It will be a challenge. But, I expect nothing less these days.

Kevin had his American football game today near Arlanda at 4 pm but warm-ups started at 2:30 pm. Logistics are always fun to solve. Peter had a flight booked for 5 pm. So, all of us piled into the car and got to the game in time.  Peter left for the airport shortly before the game started. Kevin played really well today. He made an interception and his team won 24-8. YEA, YIPPIE and HOORAY.

After the game the kids and I stopped at McDonalds again. (yuck, not enjoying it, but time is of the essence sometimes and you know what you get there) Then we went past the old house to fill up the car with the last stuff that we have in the garage. Of course, it doesn’t all fit in the car so tomorrow morning I will be heading there again before the house closing to pile the last stuff in the car.

Home to our summer house around 9 pm and it has been another long day. We unpack the car piling more boxes and junk in the house. Then showers for all the boys and now finally some sleep.

Exhausted and luckily not having so much time to dwell on the outcome of treatment that I will know in less than three weeks. Please let it be good news!!!! It would be about time.

My chemo brain is annoying. I hope it goes away, I want the old me back! My hair is sparsely growing in a little bit. It looks like grey and black (maybe blond instead of grey…..) This will be a transition period for the hair to come back in. I am going to skip the wigs and just let it be.

OK, done enough for today. Need to sleep and get up for an early start tomorrow to get everyone off to school.



  1. Anonymous2/6/14

    Vilket energipaket du är. Du måste vara frisk nu med tanke på vad du orkar med! Önskar dig en lustfull och glad dag. Det stärker mer än något annat./ irre

    1. Tack Irre. Jag hoppas att jag blir snart frisk.

  2. You sure have had a busy weekend! lovely to have your cousin for a visit! It's a good sign that your hair is starting to grow back :) Know a lady who had straight corase blond hair before her chemo and afterwards it grew back all curly, soft and gray. Take really good care of yourself, remember to take that nap! have a fabbo Monday! xx

    1. My hair was curly before so I am not sure what to expect but it will be interesting.....

  3. Anonymous2/6/14

    The fight in you is so strong. Hope you get some time now to relax over these next weeks and let the chemo do it's final job of ridding you of cancer. You and your family continue to be in our prayers. Joni

    1. Thanks Joni. I hope to see you guys on our visit to Charlotte at the end of June.

  4. Anonymous2/6/14

    Teresa you are truly amazing. I get tired just reading about your schedule. Of course, I'm much older than you, but that's not an excuse. You are so organized and focused. Keep on kicking. I think of you every day. Love you. TerryB

  5. Anonymous4/6/14

    Hej! Nästa vecka har vi fikat, har du tid och lust får du gärna svänga förbi med dina kända cookies! /Kicki CM

  6. Anonymous4/6/14

    I do hope you are enjoying a well deserved rest. Sleep, relax, and let your body heal! Kram Petra J