Thursday, June 12, 2014

Last week of school.



We woke up at Mia's house and everyone got up and out in time. This was supposed to be my day to sleep and do my bookkeeping. I did do some of my bookkeeping to try and finish up 2013. Only one piece of information missing and that is at the summer house.  Well, lucky for me Sara had texted me and we decided to eat lunch together. It was great to see her and talk with her. THANKS SARA.

After lunch and dessert it was time to pick Eric up from school. Then we headed back to Mia's and it was time for a nap before the rest of the gang came home.

It is really a fantastic feeling to stay at their house and everything is so calm for my spirit. All the kids have fun with each other and there aren't any moving boxes for me to sort through. Sitting on the porch and enjoying a cup of tea with Mia is so relaxing and good for my energy levels and my daily laugh quota. LOVED.

Sleep is inevitable and I rest my weary bones on our last night at Mia's. THANKS TO MIA AND ÅKE for fantastic hospitality. I really appreciate it.



Today is Eric's last day of school. It was also time to pack up the car to head out to the summer house in the afternoon. So, it is drop him off at school, grab a coffee, back to school for classroom goodbyes then off to the storage unit to meet the movers.

These movers are going to help move some of the LEGO and the big LEGO table to the school I teach at so that they can continue with LEGO Education next year. They loaded up the stuff and we headed out to Djurgården. They carried the stuff in and put it in storage. I snubbed my other big toe on a metal grate and it started to bleed a bit. I washed it off .They left and I said hi to a lot of the kids that were out on the playground. Or rather they saw me and came over to see me. It was great.

It was time for Eric to eat and we headed out of the city to the summer house and stopped at our go to place when you need something quick.

Finally home and it felt good (as long as I ignored the pile of boxes in the hallway). The older boys took the bus home and I picked them up from the bus station.

Peter had an appointment to look at a house to rent that I had really liked from the pictures. He called me from the place and really liked it. We left an offer directly. Now we needed to wait until tomorrow for an answer.

Dinner was quick and then the kids just hung out watching TV. Good for them.....until the two youngest watched a movie that made them a little scared and they ended up in the bed with me. So much for alone time. Lucky it is a big bed.

Finally, all were in bed and I could also sleep.



My two oldest boys last day of school that they have attended for 6 and 4 years each. I drove them to the bus station today so they could take the bus to Slussen and then train to their school.

Eric and I drove in around 9:30 so we could get to the church for the final assembly of all the students. This was the 6th time that I have sat in the church and listened to all the songs and speeches.
During the middle of the assembly, I feel my phone ring and go out to answer it once I see it is Peter calling from London. The estate agent for the rental house was in negotiation mood. So we counter- offered and I was hopeful.

The end of the assembly had the different choirs singing Happy by Pharell and the place was rocking. It was a little emotional but at the same time, everything has its time and place and we are moving on. That is exciting.

Outside the church, which is next to the school, it was time for the boys to hug their friends goodbye. Thank god for technology because they know they will still keep in touch with their friends, some of whom have already said they will be visiting in London.

We met up a bunch of the families from school at Vapianos in town and enjoyed eating lunch with friends.

Then we had to practically run back to the parking garage to get the car before the time ran out. We made it just in time. Traffic was not fun and we drove to our next place and parked in a new parking garage. My mission was to go to the Birkenstock store to get a pair so that my feet are comfortable and more protected than they have been..........mission successful and now I have shoes to wear that won't hurt my toes and can minimize injuries. I wore them out of the store.

The drive home wasn't too bad once we left the city limits. The logistics of driving today would have been better if I didn't have chemo brain. We got home to the summer house at 4:30 and had to leave at 5:15 to drive all the way to Täby for Kevins practice from 7 to 9. We chose to drive through Rindö and Vaxholm with the car ferries because the other way would be way too much rush hour traffic.

During our drive, Peter called and said the estate agent wanted him to call. I gave Peter my thinking and strategy for getting this house to be ours. He made the call and then called me back. GOOD NEWS. We have somewhere to live in London. Yahoo, yippie, its about time! Great location, great size of the house, room for all the visitors that we are expecting......
It's the red one on the left.

Some good news today and hopefully more good news next week when the test and results are reported.

 I dropped Kevin off at practice and the slight feeling of euphoria set in. Music loud, chatting with Nikki then driving to pick up Sophie. I think I drove too fast when there was a good song on the radio....ooops.

Picked up Sophie at Ellinor's house. It has been a fantastic help to have Sophie at their house when we haven't been able to be home with her. THANKS ELLINOR.

Made it home around 10 pm tonight and now I am tired. One more big day tomorrow and then I can relax a little bit......... just passing the time until the tests on Monday and then the three day wait to find out the results............. hope this wave of good things happening continues into next week.......



  1. Anonymous13/6/14

    You may already know this but I'm going to tell you anyway... make sure you take care of the new toe injury so it heals well. Okay? Just saying. So glad to hear all of the positive news too! Joni

  2. Wow! what a week you've had! Very special day that last day of school, lots of emotions running around. Your new house looks so well-kept and pretty, seems to be in a good, stable neighbourhood too. I just looove the British bay windows, the only down-side is there is a reason why all Britts keep their curtains drawn ... Look forward to seeing more piccies from the inside :) Enjoy the weekend!! ciao!