Thursday, June 5, 2014

House sold and cancer drug side effects.....



Waking up at the summer house was nice, but there was a lot to be done today. Getting the kids up and ready so we could make the drive into town and to Täby so everyone could get to school. Farfar came at 7 am so he could take the two oldest and help them find their way to school via bus and then train. A new experience for them. Thanks Reinhold!

I left at 7:20 with Eric and we went through Rindö and Vaxholm with the car ferries to get him to school. It was a nice drive and we made it to school on time. The car had been packed with the stuff we would need for the next few days as were going to stay at Mia's house so I could get Eric to school on time the other days.

Bongo the cat trying to get in to the house.

By this time I was exhausted. Almost all the "must do" items had been checked off my list and now I felt tired. The house closing was scheduled for 1 p.m. so I had about 4 hours to kill. I went food shopping for the stuff we needed for the week and then went to Mia's house to put the luggage and the food in the house. Oh my, I needed a nap. I slept until around noon and then I went to Täby Centrum for lunch before the appointment to sign the house papers. Ate at Vapiano's by myself and then went to the closing.

It was a bit surreal to sign all the papers and make it all official. I left the realtor's office in a daze and went home to Mia's for a nap after picking Eric up from school. It feels like a mac truck has hit me.

I took a nap. The other kids came home from school. Mia came home and made dinner and then we all went to sleep around 10 p.m.

A person can't get a better friend than Mia. She opens her house to us, makes sure I rest and does what ever she can to make it easier for me in these times of need. You are the best MIA.



If the cancer doesn't kill you the side effects of the cancer drugs will do a pretty good job of making a life pretty sucky!

Awoke, got the kids up, showered, defrosted my shot, dressed and then upstairs to a 5 star breakfast set out on the table by Åke. It was heaven for me and the kids. I am still exhausted. I drive the kids to the station and school and then head back to the house.

I have no strength for anything. I take a 4 hour nap in the morning. Up, eat some lunch. Take a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. Up, pick up the kids from school. Nap before dinner for 1,5 hours. Up, dinner, get kids ready for bed. Sleep at 11 pm.

All the time I am awake, I am feeling and living the side effects of these powerful cancer drugs. They have now caused nerve damage in my hands and feet. This means that my fingers and toes go from feeling something, feeling tingling, not feeling anything at all and then general pain. It makes it hard to walk, sit, write, hold things, drive, etc.

I am exhausted and my frustration is high of course, so I call the nurse and she calls me back with the news I kind of knew she would say. The nerve damage is a result of the drugs. It might or might not go away, if it does go away then it could take up to a year.   OK, no one told me about this and now it is too late. It is the new reality for me and something I will have to get used to. shit, shit, shit.

The antibiotic I am still on is wreaking havoc on my stomach and my tums are at the summer house. The antibiotic is a precaution against anything else happening but now I have been taking it a month instead of the usual 10 days. Nothing like beating a body when it is already down.

I have chemo brain.

My nails are brittle and painful.

It sucks to have CANCER in case any of you wonder. The body is amazing and the torture we put it through to beat cancer is a miracle if it works.....

It gives you a whole new perspective on what is important in life...........


  1. Anonymous6/6/14

    Förstår det är jobbigt men du verkar inte heller skona din kropp. Önskar dig all tänkbar lindring! Ljus och läkning tii dig!!!/ irre