Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wednesday is hump day


Woke up, defrosted shot, took a shower, chatted on FB, gave myself the shot, reset the alarm clock for an hour.

Alarm clock rings. A lot to do today. Clara is coming for fika/lunch so I need to straighten up just a bit and vacuum up the worst of the mess. Drove to Gateau bakery for some good coffee cakes and bread. Then Peter called to say he was almost at the new house in London to meet the builder and kitchen designer so they could take measurements.

My eyes have been hurting all day. I wonder if chemo can affect the eyesight? I just googled and yes it can. OK, put that on the list of things to ask the doctor tomorrow. I hope my chemo brain remembers.

Clara came over just in time for lunch and I made fettuccine alfredo. Yum. I am really starting to like it. We laughed and ate and laughed some more. I really appreciate that you came over today Clara. It gave me energy! THANKS CLARA.

I was going to relax but I looked out the window and saw the two neighbors from across the street having a chat. I had to join in and ended up taking a walk with Gunilla after we had stood on the street and chatted. I am going to miss that in London.

Then it was a half hour of rest before it was time to take my oldest to an open house at a game design college here in Stockholm. There was tons of traffic and we just made it in time. Then it was two hours of listening to them talk. (sometimes interesting) and then a long drive to go and get Sophie from Farmors house. I was exhausted by the time we got there and was saved when Eva gave me some toast sandwiches so I would survive and have enough strength for the drive home.

Now the kids are in bed but not sleeping but I am too tired to care tonight. Peter is on his way home and arrives in the middle of the night.

Tomorrow it is up early to go to the hospital for the CT-Scan to see if the cancer is gone. I don't think it looks like it is totally gone so I am a little nervous. I won't get any results until the doctor visit until next Tuesday so the waiting will also be painful.

I am humbled when I look at the blog statistics and see that there has been over 15 000 page views. That is amazing and I am most grateful because the energy I get from others is what keeps me going.



  1. Dearest Teresa. you really are able to capture the moments and let us all see clearly how important it is to connect to your family and friends. we love you so much. mom and dad

  2. With ya today at the doctor's! thinking of your cookies, kick-ass attitude, loving friends, sunshine, energy, lots to look forward to, wonderful new neighbours and a zillion walks with Sophie in London. Lotsa love coming your way Teresa! xoxo

  3. Anonymous17/4/14

    Thinking of you an keeping my fingers crossed for the CT-scan. Kick it... /Love Clara

  4. Anonymous17/4/14

    Although I don't post all the time you are constantly in my thoughts. Sending positive thoughts for the CT-scan results. Love, hugs and kisses!!! TerryB

  5. Anonymous17/4/14

    Som vanligt tankar jag insikt och härlig energi från dina inlägg. Du är så stark, balanserad och fokuserad. Du kommer att vinna! Ha en fin torsdagskväll!/ irre