Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Checking things off my list


Woke up before the alarm and went out with the dog. It is her birthday today. She turned 5. She is the best dog in the world. She actually smelled the cancer in me a few weeks before I found out. She had changed her behaviour towards me and I even joked to my husband that something was up because she was so different towards me. Amazing what a keen sense of smell dogs have! Apparently cancer gives off a smell that the dogs can detect. Anyway, Sophie is the best dog ever and fits right in our family.

One of the things I do best is make lists and execute them. Today I checked many things off my mental list and it felt satisfying.
  • talked with UK banks about mortgage deals. check
  • talked with estate agent about finalizing house purchase check
  • talked with solicitor to agree to house contract details check
  • emailed the different builders with spec. list check
  • talked with relocation firm to agree on moving/packing date check
  • made chocolate chip cookies for the chemo nurses for tomorrow check
  • helped Marcus make LEGO sugar cookies for school bake sale check
  • did some laundry check

Peter is on his way home. I have spent the day busy doing essential things but maybe not all the stuff I should have done. But I can only do so much each day. I need to use my energy wisely. This means that the closer we get to the move, the more I throw out or give away. I want to travel light when we move.

Now it is time to prepare for tomorrow. Surgery to put in the central line and then check
Just need to decide what t-shirt to wear.......

My day was punctuated with many calls, texts and messages from my friends and family saying that they are thinking of me. THANKS It gives me ENERGY. My kids giving hugs and rubbing my Buddha bald head also give me ENERGY.



  1. Anonymous8/4/14

    That's an impressive list so do accept your still ahead of most of us even if your slowing down. I could send you someone very close to me to help you learn the art of doing nothing ;). In what part of London will you settle? Browsed thru older posts. Glad you have hard bones - guess You won't suffer from osteoporos! xo PetraJ

    1. That is the one good thing that no broken hips....

  2. Tack fina Teresa!! Vilken bra hund du har och hundar och djur förövrigt gör saker för oss människor som är helt otroliga. Det är fina vänner djuren! Tack för att du berättar. Massa kramar

    1. Hundar är helt otroliga. Man's best friend.

  3. Darling Teresa! so happy that you have Sophie with you during the day. She really is a great pal. I loved how she came to sit right at the cabinets and my feet whenever I started to cook a meal. Happy birthday.
    Dad and I are so proud of how you handle everyday and every challenge! you are in our thoughts as you go through Wednesday's procedure. Only you could accomplish so much in a day - Love you, Mum and Dad

  4. Anonymous9/4/14

    Godmorgon. Du har mer energi än de flesta av oss. Och en grym inställning som vanligt! Ha en fin dag!!!/irre

  5. Anonymous9/4/14

    Härligt att huset blev ert!! Det var en lång lista du bockat av! Jag brukar vara nöjd om jag gör två- tre punkter. Du har en outsinlig kraft och en underbar humor och vi alla finns med dig idag.

  6. Anonymous9/4/14

    Hoppas dagen gått enligt planerna och att du fick lämna kakorna till sköterskorna.
    Alltid skönt att få bocka av sak efter sak och känna sig nöjd med resultatet.

  7. Anonymous9/4/14

    I hope Mike never sees that list! You do more on chemo that most people do w/o chemo! Ugh. I'm glad you are having energy and loving life. So glad the house-thing is falling into place so well. Keep up the great work! :-) N

    1. I will send him a copy of the list..........

  8. Yah that's a dang impressive list you've got there! Feels good to see the tick in the boxes, doesn't it. You would make a brilliant Exec Asst. Been thinking of you today, hoping everything has gone easy peasy and according to plan. Rest and take care of yourself. Sleep tight! xx

  9. Anonymous9/4/14

    Underbart att läsa om din kloka hund.Vilken kärlek de är djuren eller hur?
    Massor med styrkekramar till fantastiska du!

  10. Anonymous13/4/14

    Underbar läsning i din blogg, som vanligt! Du är en sann kämpe! Och med din glädje och inställning kommer du kicka den där (piiip) cancern! Fuck cancer!
    Massa kramar //C:)