Saturday, April 5, 2014

Finally a smooth bald head


Good to sleep in my own bed again. And slept for many hours in a row which is more common week 2 of each cycle. No plans for today meant getting up and taking it easy for the first time in many months.

The fuzzy stubble on my head has become patchy and it was time to remove any last traces. Peter got the honor or shaving off the stubble. Now it is pretty smooth and more of a Kojak style. The kids have been rubbing my head all day and like the way it feels. Even I like the way it feels. I am still not staring at myself in the mirror so much so it is a shock each and every time.

Needs a bit of a tan according to my youngest....

This morning, Peter disassembled the magpies nest for the third time in as many weeks. But this evening they were building again.......

Today was spent doing house research and making sure our offer on the house in London was reasonable and worth it to us. I am so good at research. I have even made a list of the items we will renovate in the house (pretty much everything) so we can get offers from builders so we can hit the ground running as soon as we get the keys. Of course, the offer has to be accepted but I feel good that karma is on our side.

Peter took the boys to go see Captain America. I was very surprised when the came home an hour later and said it was a 15 year old age limit and they were going to ask for i.d. Two of my kids are "underage" so they were a bit disappointed to say the least that they couldn't see it. Good thing chips and candy could help wash away their sadness.

During the time they were supposed to be at the movies I was over at Mia's house for a cup of tea and catch up on this weeks happenings. Fun and laughs as usual. Thanks Mia.

Some of the side effects are becoming noticeable and they are the dry mouth and the fatigue. Not terribly irritating but just enough where I need to start having a plan on how to minimize them. I think I will research that more thoroughly tomorrow.

During dinner the boys discussed which rooms would be theirs or why not in the new house. Their only questions were if there was room for their bed and computer in the room. Kids today...... it makes you wonder. Dinner was good and after we were finished with clearing the table,  I had done all of my research and left the offer to the realtor. Now it is a waiting game to see how all of this will play out.

If the house comes through, I will really have to just be a project manager and delegate a lot more tasks because I will not have the strength like I do right now. This will be my greatest challenge but hey I am not worried - I am determined to kick this cancer's ass so delegating a project will be easy in comparison.



  1. Anonymous6/4/14

    Du har en sån underbar humor och glädje! Bästa medicinen! Heja dig! Kram //C:)

    1. Hej- tack! Jag älskar att skratta och att le

  2. Was just thinking the same, you have such gallows humour (sounds silly translated from Swedish but I s'pose Google is da right place to find the answer). A dash of brun-utan-sol might do the trick for your Kojak do :)
    Ha ha yah! boys will be boys! knowing what British rooms look like, their main concern is actually not misplaced at all. Nor are your plans for a re-make of the entire house. Never get used to taps being switched the "wrong" way, always burn myself the first few days of a trip. Good plan to delegate stuff to others. Have a fab Sunday Teresa! Hugs,

    1. Hej Eila, yes, we have a few exciting months ahead of us. KRAM

  3. Jag gjorde samma reflektion, vilken underbar humor du har Teresa! Jag gillar också dina kort, korta sammanfattningar!
    Du hittar essensen!
    För mig är du en klok, rolig människa med en 7- dundrande kraft!
    Kram G-B

    1. Hej Gun-Britt, Tack för dina fina ord. KRAM

  4. Anonymous7/4/14

    Härligt energimässigt att läsa ditt inlägg idag med. Ligger ett par dagar efter ser jag. Jag kämpar också med skatorna. Rivit bo en gång detta år. De ger nog sig inte med det.

  5. Anonymous7/4/14

    Glömde skriva det var från Irre. Kram!

  6. Moving to a new house seems exciting isn’t it? I’m sure your boys are excited. I do agree though, Teresa. Losing your hair can be a bit intimidating for you. But hey, don’t worry about it. Your hair will never define who you are, plus it will all grow back in time. You are a strong woman and I’m sure everything will be in their right places in no time. All the best! :D
    Collene Puterbaugh @ Baja Hair Center