Wednesday, April 9, 2014



Awoke early to get this day started. I took a new disinfecting shower as required before the surgery today. It went well to get the kids off to school and we were soon on our way in the morning rush hour to the hospital.

Men and women definitely have different driving techniques. I was driven to the hospital by Peter. Enough said. We made it safely.

The first order of business today was to be at the surgery place at 9 a.m. They took me in and gave me some exciting socks, night gown and surgical cap to change into. Then I got some relaxing medicine and then I don't remember so much after that. I woke up and they were almost done and I was looking at a wall of green they had set up between me and the place they were cutting me. I could talk and hear them finishing up the stitches of where they had operated in the central line. This will allow me to receive medicine directly into a large artery and will save the veins on my arms from getting the chemo running through them. It took them a long time, I was away from Peter for more than 2 hours.

I was hungry so we ate lunch in the cafeteria before heading over to the hematology department.
At 1 p.m. a new nurse called Trieibe called out my name and took me to a room where I got the window bed again. I presented her with the chocolate chip cookies and she said thanks she remembers tasting them two weeks before in the staff room. The cookies were well received because at least 5 different nurses came into my room and thanked me personally. It is just a small thanks for the great work that they do. GRATEFUL.

Today the R part of the R-CHOP drug only took 2 hours instead of the usual 4 hours. All the drugs combined took 4,5 hours. They said that next time it would be even quicker because the needle the surgery department had left in for them was smaller than the one they usually use.

I passed the time listening to music, chatting with Peter, reading the paper, or checking on FB and even a little dozing off for a bit. I was really tired by the end of the day. It was a long day to be there.

We got home around 6:30 after having stopped at the supermarket. Peter made dinner for the boys and I took a bowl of soup and then went and slept for 3,5 hours because I was so tired. Luckily then my mom calls me and wakes me up so I can write today's blog post.

I am still really tired and my stomach feels a little queasy but I think it is because I am so tired. I need to take new painkillers so my stitches don't hurt any more than they do and go back to bed.

I survived chemo #3. Only 3 more to go! 



  1. Teresa, wish we could be there with you to tell you funny jokes, hold your hand and tell life stories. you are showing all of us how to "kick cancer's ass." You look really good, especially after all of today's procedures. Miss you, Love you, Admire you. HUGS, your mum and dad.

  2. I know where you've got your incredible personality from - your mum and dad! Their love for you shines through their words, so beautiful to read about your family. WHAT a day you've had and the only thing you say is that you're tired. You are one amazing person Teresa, absolutely fantastic!! As your mum and dad say - I admire you HUGELY!! Hope you wake up to this Thursday having slept soundly letting that fabulous body of yours heal and gather strength. I am so glad that you always listen to it and let it lead you to what it wants of you. Have a beautiful day Teresa! xxx

  3. Erika Arenborn10/4/14

    You're amazing with your energy, with the checklist and baking! Happy bd to Sophie, dogs never let you down. Hope you're doing ok today after yesterday's chemo. Have a nice and relaxed weekend. Kram

  4. Anonymous10/4/14

    Du är helt fantastisk! Vilkej kraft du har! Tack för att du delar din stora resa!

  5. Anonymous10/4/14

    Härligt att rond nr 3 nu är klar.
    Skickar massor av styrkekramar och hejar på dig

  6. Anonymous13/4/14

    Du är grym! Hejar på dig! Vilka underbara föräldrar du har! Vilken kärlek och värme ni har i er familj! Underbart!
    Kramar till dig/ //C:)