Thursday, April 24, 2014



Awake before the alarm clock today and I am not surprised. Those steroids are really fun. But, I have at least slept through the night. Took my pills today after I came in from walking the dog.  It was a beautiful morning.

I got the kids up and they did a pretty good job of getting ready and everyone made it to school on time. So by 8 a.m., I  am eating my bowl of cheerios and drinking my cranberry juice and sitting in front of the TV watching some junk.

Peter is meeting a builder at the new house in London and calls me after with the update. Our renovation plans might be a bit delayed because the builder is not available until August and I probably won’t have the strength to pick everything out on a possible 2 day visit to London in June.  It would be hard to pick out hardwood flooring, all fixtures in the house, kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff, wall and ceiling colors in just two days. It feels overwhelming so it might be better to take it easy with the renovations and pick everything out in peace and quiet in August.

I went out with Sophie just before I left for my appointment at the Apple Store so I can get help to get my recovered photos into the IPhoto app. Well, who knew it would be such a complicated process.

Today’s blog is being written at the Apple Store where I have spent the last 8,5 hours trying to get my photos updated and into IPhoto.

At the Apple store I have spent my time today with copying over from the recovered external hard drive to the newly purchased external hard drive so I would have a back up. (took 3 hours) Then I needed to update the operating system to Maverick and then I needed to update to the latest IPhoto. (took 2 hours). Then of course the IPhoto library was damaged so the solution was to drag all the pictures over and create a new library. So far one hour has gone by and about 5000 pictures have been transferred and only 10000 are left……who knows how long this will take? At least they are all really nice here. This morning the guy helping me said ok this could take a while, how much time do you have? I replied I have all day, I have cancer!

They even watched my computer when I went down to eat lunch. Otherwise I have been sitting on this chair for more than 8 hours and I can see that this place is hopping with people that need help.

I have not had much time to think today. I feel good physically and that is a relief. I have been surfing on my iphone and have read all the news that I could find. Clicking on Facebook is boring if you do it every 10 minutes. The kids are home and fending for themselves now. Good thing they are old enough to take care of themselves now in a responsible manner.

This is not how I planned to spend the day but hey there are worse places to be than here at the Apple Store.

It my bad mood gone? Maybe, things always look better the next day. My tolerance level  is so low that any sort of little setback seems like a huge setback. I have to realize that and try not to let myself get worked up over the little things. Of course, that is easier said than done.



  1. Anonymous24/4/14

    Din attityd inspirerar! Visst är väl det häftig?! / irre

  2. Yay for the Apple Store! and yay for people who understand! You're so right, somehow things that were a major isse the previous day look better the next day. Nice and slow decisions in August defo sound so much better than making hasty ones in June. Good thinking! Your attititude is awesome Teresa, just awesome! Hang in there girl, things are getting better and better by the hour. Go easy on yourself! lotta hugs to ya

  3. Hi Eila, Thanks for your kind words. Hugs