Saturday, April 26, 2014

ENERGY is here


Restless night, trouble falling asleep and then the alarm clock went off too early for my liking on a Saturday morning. We were in a hurry. We had to pick up the rental truck before 8 am to make sure moving of stuff would happen according to schedule.

My pills went done ok. Shower, eat breakfast and we picked up the truck in good time. We headed to the storage unit to do a first run with the big bookcases and furniture that we had put there when the house was on the market. We needed to bring it home so we can have a garage sale in two weeks and get rid of everything. We got the help of Alex to empty the last things at the house. Then it was back to the storage unit to fill up the truck with office furniture to sell to a used furniture place. We got additional help from Anders. Many hands make light work. Home again by 11:30 and we had worked hard. Thanks for the help Alex and Anders.

I was starving. (so much for losing weight) I made some food and then started making my lists in preparation of the coming weeks. It was time for some mental work after the mornings physical work. I got a lot done and it feels good.

The sun was shining and Peter headed out for a run and then was going to see a youth soccer game of friends son. It was great to be out in the sun and just sit on the sidelines and enjoy life. It has been a long time since I have done that and appreciated it. My bald head even got some sunscreen on it. I am more comfortable to just be bald out in public. The hats are just too hot sometimes. Yes, people stare, but I don't care because it is a badge of honor to show that I am a fighter.

Home again and many messages had come in to me from my friends. So heartwarming and feeling loved. It gives me energy and I am grateful. Thanks to all of you that care about me.

Dinner finally was grilled meats and vegetable on skewers. Yum Yum.

I had the company of Stina on my walk with the dog after dinner. Fresh air and catching up on all the things we needed to was awesome. Thanks Stina.

Now I am tired but not sleepy thanks to those steroids.



  1. Good morning Sunday good morning you! and WHAT a glorious morning it is! oh man, you guys really worked your butts off yesterday. So glad Anders and Alex gave you a helping hand. Love the season of umpteen BBQs and beautiful days/evenings having dinner outdoors. Nice to give that head of yours some fresh air and sunshine too :) Hope you've been able to sleep tonight. Have a fantastic day Teresa! xx

  2. Hei Eila, Enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

  3. Hi Honey - that little bit of silliness always makes your day brighter! I have come to understand, through your journey, so much more about how important it is to connect with your family and friends. I believe that everyone in touch with you feels like they are on this journey with you. and that is truly important and uplifting. I know that I can't go to bed, no matter how tired i am, until i Read your daily story. you inspire me in so many amazing ways. Love you so very much. Mom and Dad