Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May Bonfire.


Tired this morning upon waking up. But managed to drag this old body out of the bed and out with the dog. Back inside after a short walk I got the kids up and took my pills and my shot.

Only my two oldest had school today so getting them off to school was not a problem.

I ate some breakfast and then the phone rang. It was Ulrica, the 2nd grade teacher from Campus Manilla where I work. I was on speakerphone and the whole class sang Happy Birthday to me and told me what time the grilling started today so I could come and visit them. Wow, tears came to my eyes during their thoughtful rendition of the song.

I was tired so I took a 1,5 hour nap before it was time to drive into town to meet my students at school. Today they were having a grill day for lunch with some outside games and this makes it easier for me to hang out with them.

My youngest son followed along for the day. We arrived at the campus and walked into the 2nd grade classroom. All the kids were happy to see me. It was awesome to see all of their smiling faces again. I spent the next three hours talking to and playing with the kids from kindergarten to third grade. One of the cutest moments was when I joined the first grade class and they asked why do you have that hat on? I said "I don't have any hair under it. Do you want to see it?" They shouted "yes". I took off the hat and they all wanted to touch my head. So I bent my head over and had 24 different hands rub that good luck for them or me? Adorable. After three fun filled hours it was time to head home. Hugs galore from all the kids. LOVED. MISS THEM TERRIBLY.

The traffic was terrible to get home as it is the first day of a 4 day weekend. I was tired when I got home. I set my alarm and slept 1,5 hours so I could have enough strength for dinner at Stina's house and the neighborhood bonfire and fireworks later on in the evening. Awesome to sleep.

It was 6 p.m. and we walked over to Stina's house. I have boys, she has boys and there were a few friends there too. So the house was filled with boys - good thing they were on the trampoline before dinner and worked out some of their energy. Great dinner and company as usual. Thanks Stina and Alex.

We walked to the bonfire area. The children were lining up a bit away so they could each carry a lit torch to throw on the fire after the procession. It is always kind of cool to watch the procession and then how the kids form a ring around the huge pile of twigs and branches and throw the torches on it. As it quickly flames up, we are all backing away from the heat. As the fire dies out -- the fireworks start. They are always enjoyable to watch. The whole bonfire evening is a fun way to welcome in Spring and to see the neighbors. I might just miss that aspect of Sweden when we move.

Of course, it was really cold tonight and started to rain just before we got home. That is typical Swedish weather - they are even predicting snow for tomorrow-----hahhahaha. It wouldn't surprise me.

Tomorrow will be a day of rest. I promise to myself to try that for a whole day. It just might work.



  1. Vilken härlig Valborg du har haft Teresa med besök på skolan och majbrasa och allt:):)
    Kramar på dig !!!

  2. Dearest Teresa! YOU touch me. You make me see all the goodness in the world through your eyes. if ever there was a a formula for living one day at a time - and all through your special journey - you have it! I can't help each evening to feel your spirit, your goodness, your kindness and your gratitude for all those fabulous people in your life. Love and Hugs: M&D

  3. Anonymous1/5/14

    Vad du är älskad! Den bästa av mediciner! Kram/ irre

  4. LOVED reading about your visit to the school! kids are THE best, no fuss about anything! as Irre says above, you are truly loved by so many and we all know that love is the best healer of all! so lots and lots of love to ya! xx