Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Travel and avoid germs......


Woke up at 4:30 a.m. Tossed and turned until 5:45 then it was time to get the ball rolling and get the kids up and ready for school. I took my shot in my stomach all by myself under the supervision of my  nurse. Kids off to school without a hitch.

The morning was spent cleaning up the house and packing. There was room in the carry-on because I was leaving all my brushes and shampoo at home. Then it was last minute food shopping and walking the dog.

Finally it was time and the taxi was outside. A nice calm taxi ride to the airport. Arrived in good time. As I got out I put on my face mask. Going into this germ area necessitates wearing the face mask. It was a strange feeling the looks that I was getting. I was pretty self-conscious and it was pretty warm to wear it. I boarded the plane last as I was sitting in the front row. The flight was uneventful but warm to have the mask on. We landed 10 minutes early and I was first off the plane and through customs in no time.

I had reconsidered and booked a taxi for the ride into London. The guy finally came and looked a little scared when I came up to him and talked through my mask. I followed after him and finally took that mask off once we got to the parking lot. Air.........

It was really an experience to drive into London by car. The guy asked where I was from: New York I said.  Then silence. After a few minutes his phone rang and he started talking in another language. I asked him what it was and he said Persian. Where are you from I asked: Afghanistan he said, from Kandahar. Cool!!! Ok a little worried that maybe he doesn't like Americans so time to change the subject. The first half of the journey was pretty good driving. Then he showed off his skills the last
half in traffic when only the fittest survive. At times I imagined this is how it would be driving in Kandahar...weaving, getting the edge, pedal to the metal and then sudden and quick use of the
 brakes as the double decker surges past us. I made it safely and we drove right past Buckingham Palace so done with the sightseeing now....

Peter and I ate dinner near St. Paul's in a restaurant called Paternoster Chop House. Chateaubriand was delicious.
Now it is time for sleep. I am writing this on the iPad and the choosing of pictures is not working.



  1. Anonymous2/4/14

    Så härligt att du är väl framme i London!!Låter som en mycket spännande taxi tur.
    Du ÄR kick-ass!!
    Kramar i mängder

  2. Underbart att du är framme och i piggt tillstånd fina du:):)
    Tänker på dig fina

  3. Anonymous3/4/14

    Wow, didn't expect to hear that you would be travelling to London. That is truly wonderful despite the precautions required. Hope the house hunting goes well & we're sure that you & Peter will enjoy the time together. Happy House Hunting! Cheers Deb & Graham

  4. He he LOVED reading your vivid description of that taxi ride! an adventure in itself :) Oooh I've been in that same restaraunt too, stayed at a hotel just opposite of St Paul's last autumn. Nice and quiet area. Fingers crossed you find a house that you like. Have fun! Toodelipip!

  5. Anonymous3/4/14

    Härligt att höra att tesan gick bra och att du nu ksn njuta av London. Njut av våren!/irre

  6. Anonymous3/4/14

    Skönt att resan gick bra. Lycka nu till med husinspektionen. Hälsa Peter.
    Kram Evy

  7. Anonymous3/4/14

    A bit worried to read about the Saharan smog in London. But you won't be the only one wearing a mask... hope the house mest your expectations! Kram! Petra J