Friday, April 4, 2014

Walked miles -- tired but happy.....


Slept well and awoke feeling pretty refreshed in a very "cloudy" (with sand from the Sahara) London.
Me going to look at the houses........

We both got an early start today with Peter walking to work and me heading back to West London to look at some more houses. The tube ride today was a lot better. I am just a person wearing a face mask. There were more people actually wearing masks today with all the sand from the Sahara hanging over the city. So I was more confident and that made it easier.
View of Tower Bridge with the Sahara sand hanging in the air.

Many people stared at me on the train - so I stared right back. In just two days of riding the tube, I have seen way too many many stick their fingers in their nose, take out some boogies, roll it between their fingers and then flick it when they don't think anyone is watching. YUCK and WHY??????

I walked a lot today because that's what you do in London and it is good for me too. I saw two more houses and then went to 3 different kitchen and bathroom showrooms to see what the styles are if we are going to re-do this potential house. I ate lunch at one of the newly opened restaurants in town and sat outside and ate. YEP, loving LONDON.

Cheap Strawberries!

It was a long day and I made my way back to Peter's apartment to get my bag. I am now feeling winded when going up too many stairs. I guess this is the fatigue starting to set in. So I had to walk with my roll-on to the tube station and then get the train to Paddington. At Paddington, Peter was waiting and he decided that we should run to catch the Heathrow Express. We made it but I needed 10 minutes to catch my breath. Scary and will not happen again.

The Sun breaking through all that sand cloud. Beautiful.
I was good and had my mask on the whole time. Hard work but I did it. I sat in the front row again and had a great conversation with the guy sitting next to me. Poor Peter, sat 11 rows behind me. As we came out of the terminal, it felt good to breath in that cold Swedish air again.

Now we are home and realize I got a lot of exercise these past two days even though I was breathing in that Sahara sand. I looked at several houses and now we need to reflect, regroup and plan the next steps. Parts of my life are on hold while I am focusing on kicking cancer's ass but at the same time I have to plan for the future so Life can be Lived.



  1. Glad to hear that you are not putting your life on hold during this ordeal. You are remarkably strong! Stay Stockholm Strong or London Strong. Whatever is necessary. Joni

    1. Joni- yes. this makes me appreciate life even more. HUGS HUGS

  2. Det är en stark symbol att planera och leva sitt liv samtidigt som du krigar mot cancern att dra åt helvete, ett vinnande koncept!!
    Och vilken underbar bild i början med öknen där du leta hus i London, ha ha:):)
    Massa kramar!!!!

    1. Hej Harry, det där sanden kändes verkligen speciellt i ögonen. Och att leta hus i London är nästan som att gå i öken. KRAM KRAM

  3. Eeeeww! flicking boogies on the tube! yuk! Did you notice one of the signs they have on London tubes, it normally sits on the wall above the seat for disabled.There's a line on it that says that staring at people is impolite :)) Power to you Teresa for giving them the evil eye! Chiming in with Harry here, you certainly are a role model for how life is lived to the fullest! You go! Have a splendido Saturday, home is always home! cheers!

    1. Hej Eila - no I didn't notice a sign about staring is impolite. It is a little uncomfortable on where the eyes should look when everyone is sitting across from each other. I am proud of myself how I handled the stress of the tube rides. Cheers!

  4. Anonymous5/4/14

    Härligt att du är hemma igen! Och med flera nya erfarenheter i bagaget!/ irre

  5. Anonymous5/4/14

    Underbart att läsa dina ord! DU är KICK ASS!
    Kramar och kärlek i mängder

  6. Tack för att du läser bloggen. KRAM