Thursday, April 10, 2014



Awoke this morning a little sore and achy but otherwise feeling good. My morning chat with Nikki is always a great way to start the day. Peter thinks the pinging on my phone is annoying. (So is having CANCER.)

It is my middle son's birthday today and we celebrated him in the morning. He was happy. I took all my pills and the kids got ready for school. Peter dropped them off at the station and school.

My phone pings at 7:48 and it's Mia wondering if I am awake. YEP, have been since 5:30 a.m. She calls and we have an excellent chat as she is walking through Humlegården on her way to work. Awesome! ENERGY.

My plan for today was to just lay in bed and do nothing. Then I checked FB and Charlotte suggested a coffee. I can't say no to that. It was time to get dressed and lightly clean the house with Peter's help before she came over. It was great to see her and her infant daughter. Looking forward to the next visit and shot of energy. ENERGY.

They headed home and a light lunch was in order. Then I watched some British and then American TV for a bit until my sister called and Facetimed with me. We laughed quite a bit. ENERGY.

Peter got back from his meeting and I was in the middle of choosing which furniture is going to London and which is getting sold. I am of course making a list and checking it twice. I have now figured out the furniture that will go in three of the six rooms in the new house. Small houses and rooms  will mean some creative planning to make things fit. I have embraced the thought of living with less. It will be so much easier to clean if we only take what we need and use.

Going to do this under our stairs. AWESOME.

The kids came home from school and had some snacks and then we ate my son's favorite dinner for his birthday.  FAMILY.

After dinner it was time for a walk with Annica. We walked at a slower pace today but we walked for an hour. Then we had time for some tea and chocolate chip cookies. ENERGY.

So, not much rest today but an increase in the positive energy intake. I think I will sleep well tonight.



  1. Anonymous10/4/14

    Godkväll. Läst din blogg idag och såg lösningen med trappan. Genialt! Sov gott!/ irre

    1. hej Irre, Jag ser fram emot när den är på plats i nya huset. Det kommer att bli perfekt.

  2. Dearest Teresa: We love you and your spirit. Glad to hear that today you are feeling good after yesterday's procedure. how do you manage to find so thoughtful and amazing quotes every day? I learn something from you everyday. HUGS, your Mum and Dad PS. Today i got hit in the nose and mouth with a football in the back yard when i was teaching Anthony and Briar Rose to play football. I do not have your athletic ability. goodnight sweetheart!

    1. I find the quotes based on how I am feeling and they almost find me actually.

  3. Yap! that storage solution under the stairs is pure genius! have seen beds at IKEA based on the same idea, but stairs - this is a first! I'm sure you will come up with lots of brill ideas how to make that new house of yours work for you guys. We should all de-stash ever so often, my goodness how much stuff I've got. Your spunk and energy are amazing!! Have a FABULOUS Friday! xxx

    1. Hej Eila, yes it will be exciting to see those built in under our stairs. I canät believe I have so much energy either. xx

  4. Anonymous11/4/14

    Underbart att läsa att du är omringad av så mycket vänskap och så mycket kärlek!
    Tänker på dig!
    Stora stora kramar

  5. Anonymous11/4/14