Tuesday, April 22, 2014

90% of mass decreased


Awoke at 5:45 am when the alarm went off but I didn't fall asleep until 2 am so a bit out of sorts when I woke up.

I got ready to go. We got the kids up and told them they needed to leave the house at the right time to get to school as we had to leave earlier to get the lab in time. They did it.

We arrived at the hospital and I got ticket number 1 for the lab. Good- the results would be done by the time we met the doctor. The lab nurse took my blood and sent it off for analysis. Now we had to wait two hours until the doctors appointment. I had forgotten to eat breakfast so I ordered 3 Swedish pancakes and ate them with no problem at all. Then Peter and I went up to the Hematology waiting room which is usually much calmer. We passed the time and then it was our turn. The doctor was a new one for us. It is the third doctor I have had appointments with.

We came into his office and sat down. I let him tell us about the results of the cat scan. I had been counting on it being 100% gone and anything less was going to be a disappointment. The mass has decreased by 90% in terms of area. That is good. My blood results were great! We talked about the next three treatments and then what tests will be done at the end to make sure that it is gone. The tests will be a pet scan and a cat scan. And I told him I want the central line taken out too. All of this should be done before we go to the USA on Midsummer weekend. I will do my part to make sure it happens.

Home again to eat some leftovers. Peter started working again and I sat on the chair and watched/slept through a TV show or two. By the time the kids came home we had made a few plans for the London house and this house in preparation for the move.

Dinner was easy and then Peter headed off to the dump to get rid of some of the junk we have accumulated.

Now it is chocolate chip cookie making so the nurses are happy tomorrow. My two youngest helped this time with the baking. (I think it is because they like licking the bowl after)

Wow, no line at the dump, Peter is back already! The smell of the cookies is filling the house. I think I have done enough for today.

Tomorrow it starts all over again. Only 3 more times. I am halfway there. Why am I so tired? Physically I can handle it, it is the mental part that is worrying........but I will handle it thanks to my family and friends.



  1. Anonymous22/4/14

    Hej Teresa
    Har läst ikapp den senaste tidens blogg och måste säga som jag tidigare sagt och som sagts av andra - du är fantastisk i ditt fokus. Att du alltid tar avspark i det positiva även om du sedan pratar om det som händer med dig och som de flesta av oss skulle gnälla över.
    Så underbara nyheter att det bara är 10 % kvar!! och att proverna var bra.
    Skickar dig massor av kärleksfulla styrketankar inför morgondagen. Och lyd din kropp - ta hand om den för det är det bara du som kan göra det - punkterna på att göra listorna kan du överlåta till andra! Så låt kroppen bestämma över tanken i några månader. All the best/Ulla

    1. Hej Ulla- Jag lyssnar på min kropp och ta det så lugnt jag kan. Ja 10 % kvar. Det kommer att forsvinna snart.

  2. Anonymous22/4/14

    Hej Teresa, Du är stark och har rätt attityd och inställning. Ta fajten. Skönt att höra att 90 % av tumören är borta, Njut av solen gör det som du mår bra av. Skickar all den styrka jag själv inte använder över till dig. Ta hand om dig och din familj. Massor av kramar från Eva-Karin och Göte

    1. Eva-Karin och Göte - Tack för era fina ord. Hoppas vi ses snart. KRAM

  3. Anonymous22/4/14

    Wow, du är fantastisk!!

  4. Anonymous22/4/14

    Helt fantastiskt!!! 90%!!!!
    Det är ju helt otroligt!!! Tack tack tack !!!
    Du är amazing. Grattis!!!

  5. Anonymous22/4/14

    Your news is fantastic. Keep up your positive attitude and keep kicking. I'm sure at times it's difficult for you to be positive, but you are doing a terrific job. Know that we're praying for you and for your full recovery. Love, TerryB

  6. dEAREST: GREAT! you are doing everything to kick this! we love you. miss you. can't wait to talk to you. M&D

  7. Erika Arenborn23/4/14

    That was really good news! Keep up your fighting spirit and good attitude,
    you'll kick cancer's ass and win round no 4. You go girl! Heja, heja!

  8. Whohoo! super good news Teresa! the rest of the little buggers will be gone in no time you see! Lucky ducks the nurses who get to eat your cookies, you're a gem! You have THE bestest fighting spirit, chiming in with Erika above - you go girrrrl! xxx

  9. Anonymous23/4/14

    Helt underbart Teresa, du har med din inställning lyckats som få - 90 procent borta. Det är ju faktiskt nästan allt! Håll andan uppe! Du klarar det här!!! Kram/ irre

  10. Anonymous23/4/14

    90 % is great news! Tiredness is nothing but a proof of your energy being used on some serious butt-kicking! Petra J

  11. Anonymous23/4/14

    Happy! Happy- to hear that 90% is gone! I understand and know that you had wished for more - but 90% is good! It is less to ass to kick than what you started with - a lot less! Keep kicking hard! We will get this ass and we will kick it out of IRL! /Clara

  12. Anonymous24/4/14

    Wow!!! 90% förminskning!! Underbart - grattis! Keep up the Fantastic work You're doing!
    Kram C

  13. Anonymous25/4/14

    Woohoo! I knew it! At this rate, the 6th will be the last! Pilos in Charlotte