Friday, April 25, 2014



Only up once in the middle of the night. Was tired when I woke up just before the alarm went off. But, today was a hurry up and relax day.  Checked FB and messages from friends that arrived in the middle of the night. Not always having strength to answer right away to all the messages. Up and out with the dog. She is so good and patient. Then take some pills and get the kids up. There was frost on the ground and ice on the windshield.

Ended up driving the kids to the station and to school. I am a nice mom. They were lucky today. Then it was home to shower and get ready for my walk with Petra.

Petra knocked on the door and we were off on a good paced walk talking about everything and laughing most of the way. Great with fresh air. Back from the walk and we had some tea and coffee and she got to taste some cookies..........THANKS Petra.

I ate and snacked the whole day. Got some emails sent, some appointments made for next week, watched some of my favorite British shows and planned for some logistics for the move. I chatted with most of my family in the USA during the day and even got to watch my niece, Katelyn eating a dunkin donut with sprinkles on it because it is her birthday. Torture to watch....

My youngest called and I picked him up from school and then we did a quick trip to the supermarket. It was the first time I didn't have a hat on. Felt good to be bald and not care. I do notice that everyone looks. Also confusing to them that we switch between Swedish and English as we converse with each other.

Home again and he helped to put the groceries away before the others came home from school. All is calm and dinner was eaten with gusto.

Peter is on his way home and that will be good because we have a lot of work to do tomorrow like emptying the storage units and going through more boxes. I will try and pace myself, it will be hard.



  1. Dear Teresa: I believe that you have the nicest friends - who are truly caring. Going for walks with Mia, with Petra, with Stena, etc and with Peter, is one of the best ways to bond while you enjoy nature. Being with you in Sweden at your home and meeting so many of your friends, was a joy. Knowing that you are taken care of and enjoying them helps to heal some of the worries that we are not there to help you. laughing with you today over the plans for Florida was good for me too! Always great to hear you laugh. Love you so much. M&D

    1. Mom and Dad, Yes, I am lucky to have so many good friends. Living life each day to the fullest.

  2. Some days are so-so and others got more of a yay to them. You are really blessed to have so many friends checking in on you, having a good laugh really brings extra energy to your day. Hope you've taken it easy today and had the hubby do the lion part of the carrying/shifting job with the boxes and storage. You've got perfect project leader skills! Have a wonderful Saturday evening! xx

    1. Hi Eila, friends, laughing, and supervising - life is good.

  3. Anonymous26/4/14

    Hoppas du njuter av den fantastiska helgen med så fint väder!/ irre

  4. Hej Irre,
    Det år precis det jag gör - fantastisk väder.