Monday, April 21, 2014

Melancholy Monday


Awoke at 5:30 am, got up and visited the little girl's room and then fell asleep until 8:45 am. Not bad. Some of my friends were worried when they hadn't heard from me in the morning. Took my pills, ate some breakfast and then tried to watch some TV.

The kids got up in time for lunch. I had made myself two eggs and some bacon for a mid morning snack. The day felt long already by 1 pm. I didn't feel tired but I just didn't have any energy to do anything today.

Peter changed the tires on both cars, we chatted with the neighbors and I sat on the front lawn enjoying the sun and throwing the Frisbee for Sophie to catch. She enjoyed being out in the sun too. We had brought out the outdoor furniture and I saw that they needed to be oiled. It was on my list of things to do.

I am nervous for the results of the cat scan test tomorrow when I go to the doctors. It is what it is but in the times of letting my mind wander it sure does wonder how it will turn out.......

So, I decided that I felt like eating out tonight but as this is Sweden and it is the day after Easter, the stores were closing at 6 pm and the restaurants at 7 pm in Täby Centrum. So at 5 pm it was a quick dash to Vapianos for some Italian food. It is now painful to eat most foods. My mouth is sore and hard to open so I eat slowly and try to ignore the discomfort. But my hungry stomach usually convinces my head and mouth to go along with this torture....

It was pasta, cappuccino and even a little Tiramasu. When we got home I had some energy and the setting sun was warm and inviting so I decided to oil the chairs and the table. I spent almost an hour to oil in the 10 chairs and the long table. I needed to do it and I am only going to get weaker, so today was the day. It felt good to get something done today.

Friends and family checked in on me today and that always feel good. It lets me know that they care and that I am loved. And the reminders usually come just when I need them.......

Big day tomorrow for blood work and cat scan test results at the doctor. Up early tomorrow to be there in time. Gotta write down my list of questions for the doctor.



  1. Anonymous21/4/14

    Jag önskar dig ljus och styrka inför läkarbesöket.glöm ej att du är fantastisk!/irre

  2. Anonymous21/4/14

    Stort lycka till imorgon Teresa!
    Finns med dig i tanken

  3. Anonymous21/4/14

    Skönt att du haft en härlig påsk med familjen! Tänker på dig i morgon och ber om positiva svar. Kram Petra J

  4. Tack igen för dina rader Teresa, det är så skönt att läsa om din familj och dina vänner. Jag tänker på dig imorgon när du är hos läkarna och håller tummarna. Stora varma kramar till dig!!!!!!!

  5. Dear Teresa: you have picked two great mantras. You certainly never give up, and I know that your best days are ahead of you. Know that you are loved and that you are in our constant prayers. Although we wish we could be with you on Tuesday, Peter will be your rock. I know that you will amaze the Doctors with your test results. Your positive energy, coupled with all your family and friends praying for you, really is a special gift. Hugs and Hugs! M&D

  6. I just say AMEN to what you dad's saying. Joining in with your friends and family, thinking of you today and sending positive affirmations saying thanks for the gift of health giving you life. Lots of hugs to you Teresa

  7. Anonymous22/4/14