Monday, March 3, 2014

TWO DAYS left.........


Got up and took the dog for a walk in my pajamas. (I apologize to the neighbors) Then it was time to start waking the troops for school. I got my morning jab by my neighbor and built on the Smiley face. Don't know if it will work....

My boys are good when they need to be. No arguments or complaining - everyone was up, dressed, fed and teeth brushed on time. Let's see how long this lasts............

Kids dropped off at school or train and it was time for a little nap. I reflected on how this ordeal is going to affect the kids. Last night I asked each of them which teacher at school they felt they could talk to if they were sad or needed help. I then emailed each of the teachers and asked them to look out for the kids and be aware of the situation. This morning I got reassuring responses from all their teachers and that feels good. GRATEFUL

I also reflected over the little dream Eric had before he fell totally asleep last night. I thought he was asleep and asked him. He woke and said he had just had a bad dream and then he started to cry. I told him to tell me what it was about. He cried some more and said that it was about how I died, they were putting the dirt on the casket and everything was red. I told him we all die, but that I wasn't planning on going anytime soon. He was satisfied with that answer and lay down next to me, gave me hug and fell into a peaceful sleep. I think each of the kids will handle it in their own way. We will all be stronger for it.

Encouraging calls and text messages rolled in during the morning hours. THANK YOU to all of you. LOVED. 

Lunch time meant heading to Åkersberga to meet up with longtime friends Ann and Hans. It was great to see them. I brought Sophie, our black lab with me and she had alot of fun with their three dogs giving her their undivided attention. I tried some new food today that I really loved - Moussaka. I am going to be trying, doing and being subjected to so many new things in the next few months. Might as well embrace that with open arms......... Thanks Ann and Hans for the fantastic time today. It was just what I needed. LOVED

Less than two days left before we meet with the doctor to find the stage and level of this agressive non-hodgkins lymphoma. I just want to know what I am up against. Either way I am not giving up, but I am a bit is the not knowing that is the worst.

Today was my last day with semi-long hair. Tomorrow it will be shorter............


  1. Kära Teresa du är så stark!! Då menar jag inte att du inte är ledsen förtvivlad men du är definitivt en kämpe!! Kämpa på jag kämpar med dig och har nu beställt f.... Cancer armband!��

  2. Cia - tack för att du finns.......KRAM

  3. Anonymous3/3/14

    Tänkt på dig hela veckan på lovet. Som man säger i USA You are in my prayers.
    Om du behöver något - hjälp etc, jag bor nära så säg bara till!
    Skickar mitt privata nummer via schoolsoft.
    Bamse kram till dig och dina barn!!

    1. Tack Walewska! Det betyder mycket!!!!!

  4. Anonymous3/3/14

    You are such a great mom - awesome idea to find out what teachers they are the most comfortable with.
    xoxo Kris

  5. Anonymous3/3/14

    Every day I read your blog and think to myself "what an amazing young woman". You have so much to deal with and have so much love in you for everyone else. Love you. Terry