Sunday, March 23, 2014

Super Sunday.


Wide awake at 5:30 a.m. as usual. Luckily there were people to chat with and news to catch up on FB.
By 7 a.m. I really want everyone else up too. When Linda came over to give me my morning shot, Peter was still sleeping. Lucky him. 

The beautiful morning was spent with me making a double batch of American chocolate chip cookies. I did it with love and purpose. Tomorrow I am bringing a plate of cookies to my contact nurse in the Hematology department who has been so helpful and good and explaining everything to me. On Tuesday I am bringing a plate to my chemo nurse who was also fantastic in explaining everything and very good at administering all the drugs into my body. I don't think they get enough recognition for the job that they do. THANKS

The rest of the cookies were served tonight at our dinner party. More on that later.

After my cookies were made it was my mom's turn to do some cooking in the kitchen for the dinner guests for tonight. The menu consisted of fettuccine alfredo, Swedish meatballs (American style) and the best asparagus ever.

In the afternoon I took the dog out for a long walk and then came back and tried to lay down a while. Just when I was about to doze off my sister facetimes me and it was just to get up and let her talk to everyone. We laughed a bit as she got to see all the dinner preparations as they were progressing.

After waiting all day, it was time for our dinner guests. Mia and Stina and their families came over. We were 15 people all together. The kids are old enough now that it was quite fun for the adults to be able to sit and enjoy the dinner in the dining room while the kids had their own fun at the kitchen. It was great food and my parents outdid themselves as usual. We laughed, laughed, ate, looked at old pictures, laughed some more and had a great time and ate the rest of the cookies. LOVED

Mia, Me, Stina, Mom after a great dinner.

Grateful for all my friends. I am so thankful for the support and caring words that people shower down on me. Sometimes it is overwhelming how much love is out there. GRATEFUL

Tomorrow it starts again - blood tests at the lab and doctor's appointment to check how the tumor is doing before the chemo treatment number two is done on Tuesday. I CAN'T WAIT.



  1. Anonymous23/3/14

    Så himla snällt o omtänksamt av dig att baka kakor o ta med till sköterskorna.
    Jättegulligt! Är övertygad om att de blir så glada för att du visar dom den uppskattningen.
    Håller tummarna för dig imorgon

    1. Hej Christel- the nurses love the cookies and are asking for the recipe!

  2. Mmm,dom kakorna låter goda:) och jag blir så glad att läsa om middagarna du skriver om med vänner och familj:)
    Jag håller också tummarna för dig imorgon hos doktorn. MassA kramar till dig!!!!

    1. Hej Harry- tack för dina fina ord. Jag har det bra uppkopplade med drogar just nu! Kram

  3. Anonymous24/3/14

    Godmorgon. Här är två tummar och en massa tår till inför dagens behandling. Tack för ditt inlägg igår som andas kärlek, tacksamhet och tillförsikt. Den bästa av bästa mediciner!!!

  4. Bet those cookies went down in no time! really so sweet and thoughtful of you to bring them to your contact nurse but that would be so YOU Teresa! Hope Olga is nowhere to be seen when you head to the l'hospital today and tomorrow. Hals und Beinbrot to you chickadee! xoxox

    1. Hej Eila- did not see Olga yesterday. 😜
      The nurses want me to bring some everytime. Of course I will . Kram

  5. Anonymous24/3/14

    Det är härligt med vänner som bryr sig om. Du verkar ha många vänner vilket betyder att du är en underbar vän själv.
    Jag hoppas att proverna går bra idag och att behandlingen i morgon går lätt och bra.

  6. Anonymous24/3/14

    Hoppas att proverna var bra idag så att du slipper vänta utan får det gjort i morgon. Inget att längta länge för!! Sänder dig massor med styrka ;och hoppas du mår lika bra i morgon som du gjorde sist.
    You are always on my mind

  7. Anonymous28/3/14

    Kramar till dig! //C:)