Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gamla Stan....


Awoke early but that's OK because I felt good. No sick to my stomach, no headache and full of energy.
No shot today either and this will give my stomach a reprieve and maybe a chance to heal.

I got the 2 oldest kids up, they went into their morning routine and I drove them to the station so they could go to school. My youngest had today and tomorrow off for parent-teacher conferences. It was 7:45 and I had energy so I texted Caroline about a walk at 8:15. YES, her and Monica would come and get me. THANKS GIRLS.

But first I needed to take a quick shower. The hair was falling out in droves even though I have thick hair. I lightly blow dried it and put in the hair gel to get my mini Mohawk in place and my hands were covered in so much hair it was like gorilla hands. So that freaks me out a bit and I start tugging at it. Even bigger clumps are coming out but you can't see it yet because my hair is so thick. There is hair everywhere. Time to shave it sooner than later.....

The walk was invigorating and I can't believe how lucky I am to feel so good. Back home we got ready for the days activities. A telephone conference with the teacher for my youngest. Then right after that a drive into Gamla Stan (the Old Town of Stockholm) for lunch with Mia and then a walk around town.  We needed to drive and that was fun to find a parking place in town near where we were going. We finally parked about a half mile away and walked in the brisk wind and sunny day. Quite good actually.

We met Mia and had lunch at Cafe Kladdkakan. We laughed and enjoyed our food. It was great medicine.  THANKS FOR LUNCH MIA. 
I let them pull out some of my hair after lunch. 

Me, Mia and Mom after lunch.

Then it was off to pick up my hard drive that couldn't be repaired although I did get the name of another place that might be able to perform a miracle. And then the two older boys met us and got a ride home.

All through the day my friends are checking in on me and that keeps me focused. GRATEFUL.

Dinner was a hodgepodge of different foods, but it all tasted good. Now it is time for American football practice for my oldest and then some sleep tonight cause many "fun" things planned for tomorrow.



  1. Anonymous26/3/14

    Härlig dag du haft fullt med aktiviteter. Så mycket energi och glädje runt dig! Hoppas du mår lika prima även i fortsättningen!/irre

    1. Hej Irre, ja, det var verkligen en rolig dag. Jag mår bra och det är skönt. KRAM

  2. You sure have a good mop of hair Teresa! it would freak me out too if it came off in droves but your attitude goes a heck of a long way to handle it. Cudos to you! What a lovely day you had, so much energizing fun! Welcome Thursday, wishing you a really good one. Hugs,

    1. Hej Eila, ja, jag hade väldigt tjockt hår. Det kändes skönt att raka bort allt. KRAM

  3. Anonymous27/3/14

    Så underbart att läsa om din dag och hur dina vänner finns där för dig.Kärlek!
    Tack igen för att du delar din resa med oss som följer dig!
    De bästa av tankar till dig!

    1. Hej SL, tack för dina fina ord. KRAM

  4. Anonymous27/3/14

    Tänker på dig!
    Kram C

  5. Anonymous27/3/14

    Villen härlig dag!!!
    Hejar på dig!!!

    1. Det var verkligen en härlig dag. KRAM

  6. Anonymous27/3/14

    Underbart att läsa om din dag! Heja heja heja!
    Stora kramar

  7. Erika Arenborn27/3/14

    Sounds like a terrific day! :-) Big hugs!

  8. Anonymous27/3/14

    Tack för att jag får ta del av din resa. Kram

  9. Ulrica L (Nicos mom)27/3/14

    Hi T!
    Just want to let you know Im thinking of you and sending you all of my energy and LOVE!
    You are an AMAZING mom and teacher! Manilla kids miss you! Matteo talks about his favorite subject LEGO everyday.
    You have made a difference in their life's and you are an inspiration to all of us with you great attitude and amazing energy.
    Keep rocking T, you will kick this darn C! Lots of hugs to you from me and the Lanaro gang. They miss you!

    1. Hi Ulrica, I feel the energy. Thanks. I really miss the kids at Manilla too. Thanks for the hugs! KRAM

  10. Anonymous28/3/14

    I'm sending you many good thoughts and lots of love!
    Keep kicking!
    Hugs //C:)

    1. Hej C- thanks for the good thoughts and love! It is needed and appreciated. HUGS

  11. Hej Teresa och tack!!! Vilken fin bild på er från gamla stan, du har härliga vänner som följer och stödjer dig på din väg!! Det är stort!!
    Massa kramar till dig!!!

    1. Hej Harry, ja, jag har många härliga vänner som är ett otroligt stöd. Det tackar man för. KRAM KRAM