Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lint roller on head works......


Woke up early but stayed in bed anyway. The day is too long if I get up when I wake up.

Then after two more hours it was time to get up and take those pills and then hop in the shower. Now because there is stubble left on my head that is only 3 mm when I wash my head my hands are covered with small pieces of hair. Not as shocking as when it was long but still an interesting experience. I decided to try and use the lint roller to get the hair off my head. It worked. Peter had fun rolling it on my head.
Lint roller works to get hair off of head.

Our first order of the day was to get the ladder and the long pole and take down the mapgpie nest again. Those two birds do not give up at all. They have now rebuilt the nest 3 times. Peter used the pole as my Dad held the ladder and I stood out in the street supervising. Of course the neighbors came out to enjoy the fun too. No one likes those two birds and we are hoping they get the hint soon they need to find a new tree.

Then Peter and I went to get his watch fixed but of course the store was closed today. Luckily, we were near his brother's house and could stop in for a quick cup of tea. We even got to take some bakery "semlor" home with us. They are a Swedish specialty of a bread bun with almond paste and whipped cream in the middle. They were so good. Thanks Anders.

Stop at the supermarket on the way home so we had everything we needed for tonight's dinner guests. My Mom and Dad prepared the dinner and we helped them. It is fun to have such good food every night. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Martin and Petra arrived and we could sit down and eat soon after the boys had finished grilling the chicken outside on the grill. We laughed, we ate, and ate and ate and then laughed some more. I even had some wine with dinner tonight. Dessert was 3 different sorts of girl scout cookies and some of the semlor. Mmmmmmm goooooooood.............. 

We even facetimed with my sister and brother in the US. My nephew Jackson, got an "A" on his Bravery paper from school. Well, done Jackson. Both of my brothers have shaved their heads for me. Amazing. 

The clocks are being put forward one hour tonight here in Sweden for daylight savings time. I hope I can sleep a bit tomorrow.

Enjoying life each day and living in the here and now. I am seeing progress as I continue my journey to kick cancer's ass.



  1. Anonymous30/3/14

    Godmorgon tidsomställning. Härligt att läsa dina livgivande inlägg! Hoppas du fått sova ordentligt. Skatorna ger upp efter ett tag men man måste riva ner boet tills de inser att de måste flytta ngn annanstans. Rev själv ner ett 5 ggr./ Irre

    1. Hej Irre, jag hoppas att skatorna flyttar snart.......

  2. Your blog is the first one I head to after making my morning coffee. Your joy of life is remarkable and so is your positive attitude! You sure know how to live life to the fullest and fill it with gratitude and happiness. I'm a huge fan of yours Teresa! Can totally relate to waking up hours before the rest of the family, but hey! that gives us the chance to see the morning break, hear the birds and I'm not talking about the pesky magpies in your tree. We have itty bitty cute ones chirping away in the tree outside our kitchen window. Have a fabulous Sunday with your beautiful family!! *saying hi to your ma and pa* Cheers!

    1. Hej Eila, hope you have had a wonderful Sunday too.

  3. Anonymous30/3/14

    THANKS for such a great evening yesterday!! Tell your Lovely mom - the food was yummy!!! Keep on with your positive attitude - it is fantastic!!
    Give our love to your <3 mom and dad! The cookies was a memory for lifetime:))))!
    Take care in London and don't forget the masque! The taxis are cheap ;).
    Kramkram P

    1. Petra, My parents send their love to you too. It was really fun and if you need a girl scout cookie fix you know where to come and get it. HUGS HUGS HUGS T

  4. Teresa du verkar haft en händelserik dag tillsammans med goda vänner mycket skratt, god mat, och "skat-fight"!
    Din förmåga att ta tillvara på livets goda är fantastiskt!
    Kram G-B

    1. Hej Gun-Britt- man kan aldrig skratta för mycket.........

  5. Anonymous3/4/14

    Haha roll your head. That's a good one!
    You seem to have such nice Times' with your family and friends! Love is in the air!
    Many hugs! //C:)