Friday, March 28, 2014

Fabulous Friday


Couldn't fall sleep last night even though the day was a long one yesterday. It is those steroids. So only 5 hours of sleep but I was not too tired today. Took the pills, went out with the dog, got the kids up and off to school just like usual. I looked in the mirror and almost didn't recognize myself this morning with the hair gone.

This morning was spent preparing for our lunch guests. My Mom worked hard on her Lemon and Basil chicken and we were not disappointed when we ate it. I chose the vacuuming of the house because it really needed it.

Finally, Ann and Hans were here. My parents and I met them almost 24 years ago in a youth hostel in Kalmar when we were all making dinner in the kitchen. It is amazing to think that life is a bunch of random events that can result in new friendships from a chance meeting somewhere. Is it FATE?

We all had a great time and it was fantastic to have them here today. We laughed, ate, laughed again, ate dessert, laughed and enjoyed ourselves immensely. We spent the whole afternoon together. Grateful to have them in my life and for all the support and love they show. THANKS ANN AND HANS.

It was a beautiful day, sunny and warm. Spring is here. FINALLY.

Peter is on his way home for the weekend. It will be good to have him home. Family time is precious.

Friends and Family are the energy of LIFE. I am full of ENERGY.



  1. Having, and seeing, real friends are essential in life and empowering and it sounds like you're empowered by the lunch and sunny day :-) Wonderful! Do enjoy your Saturday as well.

  2. Mmmm .. lemon and basil chicken sounds delish! even better enjoyed with good friends of old. It really is amazing how things seem to happen for a reason even if we don't know it until much much later. Your lunch company seem to be jolly nice peeps, so glad you had such a good time! Hubbs is home, kids are home, family time is valuable time. Wish you a really wonderful Saturday, bet there will be at least one brisk walk in the sun! Cheerio! xxx

  3. Anonymous29/3/14

    Åter ett inlägg fullt av energi som smittar av sig på oss! Du lägger in så fina citat varje gång, hur hittar du dem alla? Ha en magisk lördag!/ irre

  4. Anonymous1/4/14

    Så underbart att se hur du njuter av livet och kära vänner! Båda delarna så viktiga att ta hand om. Allt gott till dig! Kram //C:)