Saturday, March 15, 2014



It was a stormy and windy night.........

Eyes open at 5:30. Too early to do too much. Feeling restless, tired and anxious. Tried to fall asleep again until 7 a.m. Time to get up and get my new morning shot out of the refrigerator to it can get warmed up to room temperature for it is injected into my stomach. This one will help me to produce white blood cells. Now it will be 2 shots in the stomach  on certain days. We read the instructions and Linda jabbed me with each of the needles. Thanks!!!

Outside the cars were covered with some snow on the windshields and the lawn had a dusting and the winds were still blowing strong. Not a day for a long walk at all. A storm is not what we ordered at all. We are ready for Spring. 

Both Peter and I tried to fall asleep again and just have a lazy Saturday. By 10 a.m. it was time to get going for the day. We made a trip back to the pharmacy to pick up new shots and a special holder to dispose of the used needles. I left my empty soda bottle which was filled with the used needles in at the pharmacy for disposal. Then it was some quick food shopping and home again for a rest.

I am feeling tired and a bit of a headache due possibly to the low pressure that is here. I took an paracetamol and fixed the headache.

We took a little ride to the storage unit to get out the mattresses so that my parents will have somewhere to sleep while they visit. Of course, the beds were all the way in the back of the unit and a load of boxes had to be moved. We had help from Calle and his trailer and that made the job a lot easier. Thanks Calle.

Beds fixed, rooms re-arranged and a little bit of cleaning then it was time for a new nap. Today I am feeling tired.

Dinner made by Peter and again I need a nap to digest all that food. I think that glass of wine before dinner is having an effect.

Maybe this is my tired period. Feels weird to go from so much energy to so little energy in such a short time. I realize that there will not be any respite until this battle is won. That pisses me off a little bit. I need a vacation. Gosh, here in Sweden even criminals sitting off a jail sentence get a vacation from prison. Why can't I get the same break?  Every minute, every second it is with me for the next few months.

I am restless and just want to get this over with. Lucky my friends and family are here with me because that is going to be the key to this, I hope.



  1. Anonymous15/3/14

    Tack för att du delar din resa!
    Din inställning är fantastisk och jag hejar på dig Teresa

  2. Anonymous15/3/14

    Here's to your parents giving you that energy boost & extra support! Hey, the wee girl who suggested the blue wig may have been on to something. Go Wild!!! Deb & Graham

    1. Hi Graham and Deb- definitely energy when my parents get here! Hugs!!

  3. Kan tänka mig att det känns konstigt att plötsligt ha mindre energi än du är van vid men med din inställning om att kämpa på och säga till huvud och kropp att vi orkar mera kommer du också göra det. Tack för att du delar fina Teresa. Massa styrkekramar!!!!!!

    1. Hej Harry-
      Min hjärna är stark!!!

  4. Anonymous16/3/14

    Godmorgon underbara kompis!! Idag hoppas jag att du får lite energi - solen strålar på dig!
    Stor Varm Kram med massa styrka i till Dig!!! Petra

    1. Petra- snart är det promenad i solen! Kram kram kram

    2. Anonymous16/3/14

      Om du orkar - vad sägs om tisdag tidig fm - promenad, sol och mkt skratt? Sen åker vi till NY.
      <33333 Petra

    3. Ja, Petra. Tisdag vore perfekt. KRAM KRAM

  5. Även om du har massor med kompisar runt om i världen som boostar dig, kan jag ändå tänka mig att det känns skönt att snart ha mom and dad hemma hos er. Solen skiner så underbart idag denna lördag även om det är nippigt i luften. Hoppas du vaknar piggare idag och får din power walk.Stor kram

    1. Hej Eila, ja, snart kommer dem. KUL.

  6. Erika Arenborn16/3/14

    The sun is shining on you today. Guess there will be ups and downs, but as long as you listen to your body you'll kick cancer's ass! Take care and have a beautiful Sunday! Kram

  7. Anonymous16/3/14

    Godeftermiddag. Jag hoppas du har haft möjlighet att njuta av dagen solsken även om det varit kylslaget. Det är ju skillnaderna som gör att man kan jämföra och njuta extra när det är varmt. Gäller för övrigt allt i livet./Irre

  8. Anonymous17/3/14

    Styrka och kärlek till underbara du!
    Kram SL