Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pretty normal Saturday....


Yea. I slept through the whole night. It felt good to wake up at 6:45 am and feel well rested under the circumstances. I texted my "private nurse" across the street that she could come over and jab me with that needle when she woke up! I passed the time checking in and chatting with my friends and family over there. Inspiring messages all the time. I need them to keep me going.
Thank you EMMA, my smart and caring goddaughter!!!!!!!!
My nurse had a bit of a sleep-in but came over and gladly jabbed me once she was awake.

Most of our personal belongings are still in the storage units because we had moved everything out to "style" and sell the house. There is less furniture and junk around and I am going to try and keep our bedroom as a free zone from moving boxes and piles of papers. It makes me also realize that most of the stuff in storage is not really needed in the big scheme of things.

I had energy and had to use it so we quick-cleaned and sorted for about an hour around the house. Peter needed to rest after that, he is tired. It is probably from those two glasses of wine he had last night......

The whole showering routine is annoying and more time consuming but it should only last a week until the stitches dissolve or get removed. Also I will have less hair by then so it will be easier to wash and no need to dry it!!!!!!!!

Today's big excursion was to meet friends from Helsingborg at the Wiener Cafeet. Good thing they had booked a table. We got there and were seated next to Christer Fugelsång, the Swedish Astronaut. That was cool! We ordered sandwiches and saved room for dessert. It was a great time with Maria, Gey and Louise. It was moving when I got to see the new FxxK Cancer bracelets and guardian angel bracelets that they were wearing for me. I am honored!
Gey, Louise, Me, Peter and Maria at Wiener Caféet
My siblings had been busy today sending me best wishes and pictures from when I was younger and cuter.......Those were the days. THANKS.

My sister (on the right) and I admiring the Thanksgiving Turkey sometime in the 1970's.

It feels good to have had a semi-normal Saturday but it still is lurking there in the shadows all the shit that this next week will bring. One day at a time is one day closer to the end of this ordeal. Good thing I have the next three days planned with activities that will give me energy to Kick Some Ass!


  1. Anonymous1/3/14

    Gosh Teresa, we were so darn cute!!!!
    xoxo Kris

  2. Erika Arenborn2/3/14

    Good to hear that you've had a good Saturday! Keep up your attitude and fighting spirit and enjoy the moments of the day.
    I am looking forward to seeing your new hairstyle a la Pink. Short hair is really convenient, if you ask me!
    Anyway, hope you'll have the best of days full of energy as well as funfilled, until you're going to kick some cancer´s ass on Thursday!
    Lots of love and hugs!

  3. Tack Erika!!!!!!
    Hoppas att jag har matlist och vi kan äter på Guru innan sommaren!

    1. Erika Arenborn3/3/14

      Hör av dig när som helst om du är sugen på mat hos Guru, jag hakar på!
      Tror B gärna följer med om du tar med dig P också.

    2. Det skall jag göra. KRAM