Sunday, March 9, 2014

Preparing for Battle


Last night was great at Petra and Martin's house. Great food, great company and many, many laughs. I really, really don't like pictures being taken of me, so for me to take a selfie now is a big deal. I enclosed a silly one of Petra and I a bit further down to remember that life is short and we need to enjoy it while we are alive.

Petra and I 

 It was hard to fall asleep when we got home. The tumor has grown and when I move my arm up or down it pushes against my trachea and causes quite a bit of discomfort. I finally fell asleep. Rest. My eyes opened at 5 am. I look at the clock and will myself back to sleep - no luck. I see that my sister-in-law is still awake, so a quick message and we decide to skype. Awesome to talk to Nicole.

Preparing for battle entails gathering the right weapons and having a strategy on how to defeat the enemy. (damn CANCER) The information received from the Hematology department at KS describes a bit of the possible side effects and what items can help with alleviating them. A trip to the pharmacy was made to buy special toothpaste, special mouthwash, stuff to make sure I am producing enough saliva and some lotion to rub on my head once all of the hair has gone down the drain. All of those items are now sitting on my war office desk right next to all the medications that will need to be taken each day.


  • Chemotherapy R-CHOP-14 at the hospital on Monday, March 10, 2014
  • Drugs to protect my kidneys
  • Drugs to stimulate production of healthy white blood cells
  • Drugs to help against nausea
  • Drugs to protect against lung inflammation
  • Essentials to protect against mouth sores and dry mouth (stop infections getting in)
  • Cortisone to help against swelling from the chemo drugs R-CHOP
  • My Kicking Cancer's Ass book with questions to the doctors/nurses
  • Support from family and friends
  • Haircut with attitude
OK, I am ready for battle. (and it is not even lunch time yet.)

Eva and Kenneth came over with some beautiful flowers and then they took Sophie with them home so she didn't have to be alone tomorrow while we are at the hospital. THANKS Eva and Kenneth.

At 1 pm it was finally time for a nap after being awake since 5 am. I set the alarm for an hour. Just one minute before the alarm goes off my phone rings and its Mia. Yes, I would love to go for a walk in this lovely weather. THANKS MIA.

Right after Mia leaves there is a knock on the door. It is Alice from the neighborhood association of which her and I both sit on the Board. Alice comes with beautiful flowers and words of inspiration over a cup of tea. THANKS ALICE.

Dinner was my favorite of fillet Mignon in a red tomato sauce with leeks served over pasta together with a side of baby asparagus sauteed in oil and Italian bread crumbs. DELICIOUS

Now final preparations are made. I am amazed at how ready I am for the chemo to start and what a journey I have made mentally in just 18 days to get here. UNBELIEVABLE.

TIME FOR SOME KICKING CANCER'S ASS tomorrow with the first round of CHEMO.



  1. Anonymous9/3/14

    Yes, you are definetly ready for your first treatment. You'll have the support of me and one of your friends all day. I can't wait for the tumor to shrink and you to be more comfortable and be able to sleep. Let's put our game faces on - cause tomorrow we're ready for the game! Love you. Peter

  2. Anonymous9/3/14

    Best of luck tomorrow!

  3. Anonymous9/3/14

    All kraft och styrka till Dig imorgon! Cancern har inte en suck! Stor styrkekram från Johanna

  4. Anonymous9/3/14

    Heja heja heja! Tänker på dig och skickar kärlek, ljus och kraft till imorrn! Du är kickass!!

  5. Anonymous9/3/14

    Du är så bra!!! Och du är så bra förberedd och din tumör har inte förstått vilken kropp den valt. Den har inte en chans
    Hejar hejar hear på dig. Varma styrkekramar från mig

    1. Christel- tack. Kramar tillbaka till dig.

  6. Jävlar i mig vilken fighting attityd och vilja du laddar med!!!! Så häftigt att läsa vad du skriver om att gå in i strid med cellgifter imorgon, WOW säger jag, vilken kraft. Och jag blir så glad över att läsa om alla fina människor du har i ditt liv. Tänker massor på dug imorgon!!!!!!!
    Stora styrkekramar till dig

    1. Hej Harry- tack. Stora kramar till dig.

  7. Anonymous9/3/14

    Just LOVE you Check list for battle"! And I LOVE yor fighting spirit. The winner takes it all, and it's gonna be YOU! Thinking of you tomorrow... /Ola

    1. Hej Ola- thanks for thinking of me. HUGS

  8. Darling Teresa! You really look beautiful in that picture of you and Petra. You look strong and ready for battle. you already have this won because of your indomitable spirit and strength. Know that Dad and I love you and adore you! we will be with you, in spirit, every moment . you can do anything with your Husband, your children, your family and your friends all praying and pulling for you. Love to Peter and the boys. To them YOU are everything. Hugs and Kisses. Mom and Dad

  9. Anonymous10/3/14

    Godmorgon! Du utstrålar en enorm kraft som spiller över på mig idag. Stort tack för det Teresa!!!! Jag tänker på dig idag och sänder med lite extra kraft från mig till dig! Kram/ irre

    1. Hej Irre- tack för den extra kraften du skickar!! Kram kram

  10. Anonymous10/3/14

    Tänker på dej och vilken fantastisk styrka du har, din match har startat och du vinner den!!! Kram Ann

    1. Hej Ann- jag är en vinnare och en krigare!! KRAM KRAM

  11. Anonymous10/3/14

    Tänker på dig och skickar en massa styrka och kraft.
    Kram C

  12. Anonymous10/3/14

    Idag tänker jag på dig, tänker hur din kropp ges massa krigare som du leder till slagfältet. Du är en fighter och du har styrkan att vinna på detta slagfält. En stor skopa styrka och kraft idag! Kram, Carin R

    1. Carin - Tack = Jag är en krigare. KRAM

  13. Anonymous10/3/14

    Styrka!Styrka!Styrka till dig idag!!
    Du är en fighter Teresa!!Du är fantastisk!!Du är en vinnare!
    Heja heja heja!
    Massor med kärlek till dig idag!
    Stor KRAM

  14. Anonymous10/3/14

    Jag tänker på dig i dag!
    Stor kram

  15. Erika Arenborn10/3/14

    You'll kick ass today Teresa!
    Lots of love and hugs from us,

    1. I kicked some ass and it felt good! KRAM KRAM KRAM

  16. Sällar mig till alla som hejar på dig idag Teresa! you're a warrior queen Teresa! you go girl!! xoxoxoxoxo

    1. Hej Eila, Tack. Ja, idag var jag en warrior. SANT. KRAM

  17. Anonymous11/3/14