Monday, September 1, 2014

It's the little things......


Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

All those good little things usually add up to something great and that is called LIFE.

Yes, there are less good things that happen too and I sometimes blow my lid, but luckily my chemo brain forgets them quick enough and I can smile at the good things.

Boys are positive to school. We get to school on time. (OK we get to school too early because I don't want us to be late.) They are finding their way to and from school and also in this new international environment. A new chance for them to learn more about themselves really. I am proud of them and get teary eyed as soon as I think about it.

I drove on Friday about 1,5 hours in total to get the all important parking permit. Very proud of myself for driving on the left side of the road, obeying all traffic regulations and not hitting anyone or anything.  I do see areas that need improvement and that would be parallel parking and backing up. The first day I only made left turns so I wouldn't have to cross traffic.

If I don't feel like cooking or just haven't been to the supermarket and bought the right food- it is too easy to eat out or order in with delivery. That is good that I am conserving my energy.

With the arrival of the car comes the longing to explore further afield than the neighborhood. I took a chance this weekend and realized I needed to frame it just right so the kids would follow along. I have used the tactic of only give as little information as possible and promise a big ice cream or a dessert. If that fails, use the ultimatum of taking away the computer and all other screens so they want to works every time.
Sticky toffee pudding at the Swan Inn
I knew that I could get away with about an hour drive each way. So, I looked on the map, did some searching and found something called a AONB. This is a designation called Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It was an hour away and we could choose between some different lengths for the walking hike. I picked a 3 mile hike both for my sake and the kids sake. We went to Inkpen and ate lunch first at the Swan Inn. Great fish and chips and really really good desserts.
Sophie met a big pig during our hike.

This is a drove road. It means it was used way back when to  take the cattle to market.

Fighter jets in formation just passing by.

The walk was long and we took it slow. Sophie loved it too. I could barely walk by the time we got back to the car. It was my turn to drive home (on the highway).  It was an experience, that's all I am going to say.

The past few weeks I have been too tired to unpack any boxes. The only know cure for that reluctance and lack of strength to unpack is to invite dinner guests for Sunday dinner.  That meant we got to unpack another 10 boxes Saturday night and a couple more the next morning before Stephen and Pearl and their 3 children arrived.

It was so much fun for Peter to grill the meat from our butcher on our new grill. Good friends, good food and good times.

This morning was school again. Some interesting developments at school and a fun PTA meeting is the way to spend a Monday morning. The afternoon was spent on a little quick adventure to the mall for some fun shopping.

Yes, we ordered Chinese food from our new favorite Chinese restaurant and they delivered within a half hour. YUM YUM.

Then all those school papers and forms needed to be filled out before I could sit here and pen today's entry.

Love the international flavor of people at the school. I am totally fascinated by all the different languages spoken. I need to brush up on my Spanish and Italian so I can communicate more.

Got teary eyed before we each had to present ourselves as I realized how thankful I am to even be here. Pulled myself together long enough to remember what grades my kids are in and what my name is.

The please and thank you culture here is really refreshing. It makes you smile.

My hair is growing in and it has got a tiny mohawk look to it if I brush it backwards when its wet. It will be fun to see what my hair will do these next few months.

Making new friends in a new place. Just need to decide my level of engagement so I don't overdo it.

Appreciating how far I have come in such a short time and how lucky I am to have so many fantastic friends supporting me and caring about me every step of the way. It is still a humbling feeling.

Loving the city living totally. Glad we did this.


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  1. Oooh sticky toffee pud! Venture a trip to Sainsbury's, you'll love their selection of ready made dishes. Their Moroccan hummous is to die for! Love love this blog post so full of all the Britishness. I think you'd enjoy a trip To Shakespeare's Stratford Upon Avon. Cheers! xx