Thursday, August 28, 2014

Accomplish a lot with out doing too much!


Start of school. Meetings with teachers. Caring teachers. Teachers that are on the ball and sometimes even a step ahead of me. Doing what they are supposed to do without me having to remind them. It's been a long time since I have been to a school like that! Thank you!

Many things on my list were accomplished by a few clicks of the mouse and a few phone calls. That is a relief because I am tired and that is about what I have strength for.

Deliveries this week included: bed frame for my oldest son's bed, bedside tables to our room, a gas propane tank to the grill, the grill connection unit, garbage pick up, the dog tag for Sophie with our new number on it and even accepting a package for the neighbor.

My phone calls and emails were well received and I managed to have the parking permit company allow me to pick up my permit tomorrow so we can park the car on our block and not pay £2 an hour to park. So many helpful people everywhere. I am flabbergasted and not used to it.

I asked the neighbor about her cleaning lady and got her to come to our house after she does theirs.

The bed frame delivery company called me the day after delivery to see if I was pleased with their service.

Delivery of the rental car to my house, that is service I could get used to. So cool except for the part of finding a pay parking spot that I could maneuver into. I decided that only making left turns was the safest way to go today. Tomorrow I might have to make a right turn when I go to pick up the permits.

I even managed to find a stylist and personal shopper that is going to help me with a much needed revamp of my clothes and sense of style. Can't wait for that to go shopping with her and actually find something that looks great on me.....

The kids have liked school so far. I have met a few other moms and it looks to be a promising year for all of us. They were happy when the teacher said there wouldn't be homework for the first 2 weeks.

I have energy in the morning but am feeling tired in the afternoon. As soon as I have a chance I take a quick nap. Of course, every time I do that it is interrupted by a phone call.

Fatigue is bearable if I don't overdo it. As soon as I do too much, I am reminded that I am still on this journey of recovery and that my body has taken a beating.

There is a lot to fix to get things to work in the everyday life. But once that is done, I can start catching up on all the other things that I should have done these past few months but have not had enough strength to tackle. I might have the boxes unpacked by Christmas.....or I might not.



  1. Sounds like a fab week! Oooh! a personal shopper, cannot wait To see the revamped Teresa! London has so much To offer To us who aren't a size zero. You go girl! Have a wonderful Sunday. xox

  2. Erika Arenborn1/9/14

    Sounds like you're adjusting well to the new life in London and good to hear about the help you're getting. Also looking forward to seeing the new look of Teresa! Keep up the good work of taking care of yourself!