Monday, August 25, 2014

Raining outside.....get stuff done inside

Sunday and Monday

It has been a lazy but hectic two days. Unpacking boxes, trying to find a spot for everything or making the decision to throw it out has tired me out. But I see the progress and that feels good.

It will take a long time but I am not too stressed about it.

The rain has been beating down all day on our kitchen skylight windows. It has been quite melodic and in varying intensity throughout the day. If we had more of a lawn I would say it would be getting its fair dose of water.

The kids are hibernating in their rooms enjoying their last two days before school starts and we get back into the routine....

Living right in the city and it is so quite here. I really can't believe it. It could also be that today was a bank holiday so not as many people are in the city.....

Another cool thing is that even though it has been raining, there is still a beehive of activity going on outside on the high road.  Lots of people mostly holding umbrellas and tramping along in their wellingtons. And some even sitting outside the restaurant under the awning eating dinner.

This weather doesn't help my achy joints but I am going to try and rest more as my body rejuvenates itself.

As the hair on my head is growing in, I have noticed that all the strands of hair do not grow at the same rate. That is baffling to me. I am faced with the dilemma of whether to get it trimmed, styled or leave it to grow in like a forest of ferns. What should I do?

Everything here can be ordered online and delivered. The delivery is quick and to the house. Online shopping is my new best friend. If I can click it, it will be delivered.  

When ordering online you give your house number and your post code and it fills in the rest of your address. That is pretty nifty.

Now, it is late night on Monday and I just checked my email. WOW, I have received a prompt response from the school regarding how we are going to manage Eric's diabetes. I am impressed that they responded so quickly. This is a good sign that it will work out.

Little by little the pieces are falling into place. 

I can exhale out the stress and breathe in the new and exciting. It might be time to embrace and enjoy this new adventure.

Tomorrow some of my online orders are being delivered.......gotta get some rest.



  1. Anonymous27/8/14

    Vad härligt det e att läsa om erat nya liv i London!! Nu när killarna börjar skolan, då kan du få egen tid o ladda batterierna. Så viktigt - för alla människor. Jag forts att läsa din inspirerande blogg, min kära o Goa vän! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Feeling the London itch, looove Londres! Hope your shopping was up to expectations. Oh yes, Wellies and brollies and you're prepared for anything! Have fun! Cheers! xox