Sunday, August 24, 2014

MORE ME TIME is needed.....


July 23, 2014

Being a Mom and Wife in this century is hard work. Especially once you become a mom, that mom instinct kicks in. Always putting the kids first in everything you do. That is hard work and sometimes it gets to be too much and something triggers you to remember that "I should come first".

99% of the time it doesn't bother me that I put the kids and the family first. But when that 1% of me finally gets fed up it is an eye opener. I want for them to succeed and do well and is it based on me pushing or nudging them in the right direction?

Aren't I a better mom and wife when I have fully charged batteries? Why don't I charge them just as much as I keep my iphone charged? Low battery levels never have the same effect- it changes our perspective.

The past 6 months I had 2 jobs. One was fighting cancer and the other has been trying to keep the family routines going as normal as possible. It would have been easier with just 1 job- either one but not both.

There were 10 moving boxes in Eric's room and these are now disposed of by either sorting into his room, into boot sale boxes or into the garbage. He has his desk set up with a great view next to the window so he can start with homework next week.

I realized I needed to charge my batteries. Sometimes retail therapy helps. Thank goodness it is only 10 minutes by bus to a most fantastic retail therapy spot. I could walk around without anyone poking me on the shoulder saying "Mom, mom, mom" just like Sheldon says to Penny. I went to my two favorite stores Apple and the Lego store. I took my time in each and made careful decisions. I should have been hitting the clothes stores so I can update my wardrobe but that is hard to do by yourself, I would have needed a girlfriend with more fashion sense than me along for the trip...

I came home in time to take my middle son to dinner and to the premiere of the Dr. Who season at the theaters. He is a huge Dr. Who fan. I have never watched an entire episode before tonight. It was shown at the same time on tv. Why go to the movie theater? It is seen by so many at the same time. Then there was a 6 minute preview and a live Q&A period after which was beamed in from Leicester Sq with the lead characters. He was in heaven. I might have to watch the show each week as a new follower.

So much to see and do here. That is exciting.

I WILL PUT MYSELF FIRST.  I need to plan the battery charging before I get too low.

I WILL PUT MYSELF FIRST. (any helpful tips appreciated...)


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  1. Mmmm ... oxygen mask first on all kiddies and hubby and when they're safe Teresa gets hers? Me thinks it might not be the best of ideas. 🌸