Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday is finally here.


Back to the daily routine. School for the kids and me trying to rest in between all the picking up and dropping off of the kids.

It has been a long week.

How to get a better recovery from cancer? Some studies say that walking each day aids in the recovery. I am walking every day but it is a paradox. If I just lay around at home and rest- my joints hurt. If I go for a walk, my joints hurt.

Maybe I am building up my conditioning? I don't know but all this walking is making me more hungry and that is never good when I am trying (ok, just thinking about) to be on a diet.

There are moments when I can appreciate all the new things that we are experiencing. I treasure them.

Some examples:
Sitting at the coffee shop and reading the newspaper while I drink my coffee. Along comes an older lady and then a less older lady and sit at the table right next to me. The younger lady tell the older one she will get here a tea and a scone. It becomes evident that this younger lady is the older one's caretaker. I listen to how nice to she treats the older lady and how she explains everything to her. The older lady probably had some memory and clarity issues which made it even more poignant. As they got up to leave the old lady said goodbye to me. I said to the younger lady that I hope someone as nice as her takes care of me when I am "older". It was really moving how caring she was.

A call from the chef at the place where my older son will spend a week on his class trip. This chef called me to go through the menu and to reassure me that they were going to make sure his food issues were accommodated. We spoke for an half hour. I was crying tears of happiness by the end of the conversation.  It was an amazing feeling to say the least.

I started Pilate's this week. A beginner class which at the end all of us participants agreed that it felt like an expert class. I was sore for two days after. I will need to see if the pain lessens or if I did too much.

The countless times someone says "sorry" or shows some other politeness. It is really different than what we are used to. It makes you feel good when someone says Thank you or Cheers.

The owner of the crepe restaurant that waves to me almost every time we get of the bus right outside his place. He does a really big wave with a nice big grin on his face. Is he flirting or does he just want us to come back and patronize his restaurant. The kids do love the crepes he makes and its only 1 block from our house.

The barista at Starbucks that knows my name.

I met with a personal shopper and will meet again in two weeks to go shopping. The new me? The well-dressed me? A new start? A new look?

Those were some of the things that I am lucky enough to experience here. I am forever grateful for all of these little things.

I am starting to get into a routine but I am definitely not up to the task of completing all those things that I have been putting off yet. They weigh me down but both physically and mentally there is not enough energy to do them yet.

One other "little" thing is also in the back of my mind. My 3 month check up is in 10 days. So worried that the cancer really isn't gone. Maybe it was a dream. I have many questions for the doctor and will ask him all of them. I just hope he can show some good proof that the cancer cells are gone or dead.



  1. Tänker på dig ofta! Saknar dig massor! KRAM! //Ulrica

  2. Same back to you!!! Kram!!!!

  3. Erika Arenborn16/9/14

    Good to hear all is ok after all and that you're happy with the move. Hope the visit at the doctor will prove that all is ok with you, are you seeing a new doctor in the UK or coming to Stockholm for that checkup?
    Miss you too busy with personal stuff though so I'm not the most sociable person right know why.